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100 Relationship Points Help

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I am trying to fill in the relationship/friendship routes on the Scheherazade wiki and am trying to find discrepancies in what is already posted (ex: the wiki shows 92ish Sterling points but I got 96 and wrote the whole Sterling guide myself). I am asking the community for assistance in trying to figure out how to get 100 relationship points with different characters as trying to do it myself is difficult and slowly killing me inside.


Would anyone who has gotten 100 relationship points be willing to post how many points they have after different locations? (ex: 47 points after India, 58 after Peru, etc.). With this, I can significantly narrow down where discrepancies are and also be able to load sections until I receive all the points that are needed by that time. I currently have saves for Roland and Sterling, so I will be able to work on those immediately, but information for any character is appreciated and I will save it for when I can add it on. Thanks~ :)

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