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KS Update 97: Captain's Association: On Versions of Belles

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I like they brought up the fictional Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea love the book and the reason why I chose the Nautilus as my custom Belle, now I got it my head to bring back Arashi and Yamakaze try to capture VB Nautilus, except they end up facing mutliple versions Nautilus who basically do sentai poses or more commonly as the power ranger poses.

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I'm certainly glad you helped bring her into the game David.


Personally I'm taking Nautilus's explanation as somewhat vindicating my depiction of USS Mahan (DDG-72) to at least some extent. More like a daughter in many respects than taking a nap for a bit then putting on a new uniform and turning to on the day's work. And DDG-72 was quite different than the good Professor we know and love "now"*.

Not that daughter is a perfect term to fit the description, but when you talk about a new generation that takes up the torch  of your values, who you are and what you stand for... a continuation of self without being directly you. (DDG-72 from what Nautilus says doesn't remember being our Mahan, but rather like a dream, or film, or like someone had been telling her stories since the day she had her keel laid.)

The multiple active ships at once bit was quite interesting as well, a lot of "yes but no" it seems there that also came off in a sisterly sense to me, just sisters raised apart from each other. Like how separated siblings raised in vastly different situations can finally meet and find they have very similar tastes and interests and are thick as thieves within moments of meeting each other.

Then again, familial terminology, while familiar to us, probably isn't the best here.

One also wonders as to what kind of thoughts could make a lovely lass like Nautilus (SS-168)'s heart race. Inquiring (slightly dirty) minds want to know.

*Someone should make friends with a sailor or three of USS Mahan (DDG-72) and not rest till the current ship adopts the Belle as an informal mascot.

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Argh! If the two Eugen ever meet, they'll probably try to outsmart each other all the time. That can be brilliant, but it can also get disastrous. And if you take into consideration some rumors.... and they'll also probably start intimidating D'Aosta... by sheer presence alone.... my mind races.

This update was very enjoyable. :)

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Yeah I was quite pleased the lore team tackled this one. That's a pretty complex curve ball I threw them on that one. Not that they've backed down on me before

Oh. As a bonus Belfast called me an old friend. Seems I've made a long winded but good impression.

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