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Where the heck is the Befriend Action? :D


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I've been slowly figuring things out via my first playthrough.


However, despite getting my Befriend level up to 3 via training, I still don't have that ability and I wonder why.


I did notice that under Train my Befriend skill is 3, but under Research in the Skills and Abilities, it's still 0.


There's a chick I'm at 8 or 9 relationship with btw.

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Okay, that's like three different thing happening here...


1) All skill have a 'study' version of the skill.


2) So Training raise the practicality aspect of Befriend while Research raise the extra knowledge of the skill.


3) There is an skill in the choose action menu that just happens to also called Befriend that you can use to befriend certain person, and the difficulties increase dramatically as your cliques expand.

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