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Noticed there wasn't a good "template" for student portraits for the default colleges, so I made some, in the event people need it for mods where they want to add a student without adding it to a custom college yet still want to maintain support for the existing colleges, it's attached to this post in .XCF format. You'll want to use GIMP to open it, uses the Emilia Strolin portrait as the framework.

Throw your character's image below "orb sheen" and above "Left Corner" for the standard portrait setup. If you want the portrait to stay within the orb, put it below "middle" and above "orb".

Example of what it looks like in action with an example (totally original i swear) character:


If you don't want the orb sheen, hit the eyeball on it before exporting. If you want it there still but less intense, click on the layer for it and adjust the Opacity bar above the layers list.

I've uploaded a zip file with one of these for every College that comes with the game over at the Academagia Modding Discord.


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