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Favorite Side Capers and Side Caper Moments?


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Spoilers for side capers will be mentioned. You have been warned.

A lot of the time, the side capers in the game get overshadowed by the guy-specifc capers. So, I thought it would be interesting to discuss what our favorite side capers and side caper moments were. I like most of them so...I'll probably just gush about most of them XD.

The Adventure Upstate: I love how much Sadie's and Johnny's relationship develops over the caper. By the end, especially if Sadie verbally shocks Johnny out of possession, they have gotten mutual respect for each other, and it is precious. I love how the dialogue options lets Sadie include Johnny in things ('Johnny and I aren't letting you out of our sights').

The Albino Alligator Adventure: Steven moaning on the ship to attract the attention of the criminals will always be hilarious.

The Anna Adventure: The pigeon gauntlet. But specifically, how much Roland enjoys leading people through it. You really get to see a more childish side of Roland in this caper.

The Evelyn Adventure: Roland's reaction to Sadie just bluntly asking for the sheikh's headwear is beautiful.

The Golden Scarab Adventure: Drunk Evelyn. Plus, when talking tot he thugs at the end, you get the option to have Sadie say something about her being an innocent damsel, and the thug responds with 'An innocent damsel? I don't see one around here', which makes Sadie really annoyed. Evelyn's drink concoctions at the end are great as well.

The Platypus Adventure: Zul getting excited over Sadie punching thugs and getting excited over fighting a shark with a bowie knife.

The Quickfinger Adventure: Summoning Mr. Saturday was really cool, and I could totally kind of see him and Sadie together in a weird sort of way?

The Royal Family Adventure: Rashad beating up Thomas Blake, and the dialogue choice something like 'Dear lord, just don't let Aunt Evelyn see' make me incredibly giddy each time I play.

The Third Eye Gang Adventure: Sadie pretending to have violent fits and Felix going along with it. One of my favorite scenes in the game.

The Zul in New York Adventure: Zul's casual flirting the entire caper. Plus, having the option to have Sadie tell the guard that Zul's name is Mr. Tootles, he was given an STD, and he can no longer speak because of it. Another of my favorite scenes in the game. So much goodness in this caper.

Two Adventures Together: Sadie and Zul working together and then not working together, but always with belligerent romantic tension XD.

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