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My own thoughts on Victory Belles


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There are some who have decried this game's long preparation time considering the various other games out there now.

But yet, that long prep time reveals something that few of the other games have; Lore on each Belle in the game.

Specifically, stuff related to their quirks or traits that come up in each of their stories.


How Yubari grows or how Hans Lody matures in interaction with her crew... Just a few examples I could name of how well developed the Belle stories are.


Another factor is the voice actor differences; as  one who has played world of warships, I can tell first hand that It is disconcerting for me to hear an American ship speaking primarily Japanese... Sure I get that its due to licensing probably, but that doesn't make it any less annoying.

French commanders should speak French, not Japanese regardless of the licensing factors..

This is why I like Victory Belles. Italian Ships speak Italian, etc...

If you are having trouble with Voice actors for other languages or dialects, perhaps try looking and asking some of the more popular youtube content creators if they'd be interested. I know of a popular French content creator by moniker of Dooms; she's quite into theatrical and such like that.

There's plenty of possibilities, but I don't necessarily know of what your needs are if in that regard. I'm just floating suggestions here.

Anyway, while the game is frustrating at times due to drops not really cooperating or squishy ships. I do enjoy it. Thank you for the great effort you've put into this venture.

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Further thoughts on characters, voices, game play...

These warplans that you're doing, they really should be cross posted to this forum at least, from what I've heard some say, Discord does not necessarily archive messages very well, so it would likely be good idea to have a section here dedicated to archiving war plan stuff.


So, Thoughts on characters...

Chiyoda; You can verify this for me, but my thinking holds that the golf club came into the picture due to some one on her crew or something? Makes for an interesting conversation anyway...

Chikuma is adorable; I could tell that from the start of her story. Certainly, I've seen a few of these sort of stories in the vein before so I took the route of not saying anything about Takao [which is ironic, since Takao happens to be in the story fleet for Chikuma's story].

McDougal, where to start... The voice is, well, its not strong... Yeah, McDougal needs some authority....

Sheffield's design; so are there two sets of Town cruiser classes then? The information seems to imply such. Kind of confusing to see Edinburgh with "One sister" and Sheffield with "four sisters". Is there a voice in the works for Sheffield?

Will there be a voicy for Boiky or Gnevny? Eh, typo semi-intentional 😛

I really do appreciate that you've tried to include most of the sub classes that were present in 1939. Thank you.

sorry for double post.

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