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Cleaning spells?


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I suspect there would be multiple ways to use magic to clean something but I'm curious if any specific branch would be more or less effective than others, so is there a verdict? My guesses would be Revision for immediate "make dirt fly off" or Enchantment to make a broom sweep on it's own or make something resistant to dust accumulation, but I'm wondering if anyone else has put any thought into this lol

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A Few in Game Question

Page 109 + from like 10 Years ago


How would a first year magic his clothes clean then? A special spell for every stain?


Ah, no- I thought you meant to change one material into another. For something like cleaning, you are separating out something from an ideal. In this case, the ideal of your worked fiber's 'clean' state. Technically, you would need a different Spell for each piece of clothing you own, but since you want something to be generally clean, some minor errors are fine. default_smile.png



So... Cleaning via magic (Revision) would still be limited to it's duration though?





No, because you are not changing anything, you are just separating things. If you Revised your your desk to mud, it would eventually revert back. If you revised all the dust off your desk, nothing would happen at the end of your Spell, apart from the ability of new dust to settle there. default_smile.png



So a combination of Revision and Incantion would be the best to get the dirt away?

Revision to get the hard to remove dirt/stains away and Incantation to blow it all out of the window.



Or on to your friend, yes.default_smile.png


etc. etc. 

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