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  1. We're definitely getting closer. It seems that more people are confident about the Beta. I can't wait to try it :).
  2. Looks like A1 won.
  3. That's what I think as well. Maass doesn't come across as completely helpless - she just has freak accidents from time to time (like a slapstick character). That being said, she's somewhat aware that stuff tends to happen around her and is a bit self-depreciating about it. She's not a klutz who isn't aware that stuff catches on fire around her. She seems to realize it...and kinda accepts that while also trying to improve her situation somewhat. If anything, I could say that she's more of a Chew Toy than anything moe-ish.
  4. Fascinating. I wonder if the items are going to be generic...or will a few relate to the ship in question? I can't wait to try it out once the game goes live :).
  5. Completely understandable. In my opinion, she's better than Kancolle's Maass...who is just bland.
  6. I don't know if this was answered already, but how do we get more Belles? Is it going to be gacha-based or resource-based a la Kancolle? Also, are some Belles going to be rarer than others?
  7. It's probably a play on how she ended up having one of the unluckiest deaths in WW2 naval history. If this U-boat gets introduced in the game, she'll probably be a crappy plumber since she was destroyed by her toilet ( In regards to Maass though, she's our first really big derp character. Most of the other Victory Belles ships seem quite competent as warriors (arrogantly so sometimes like Kongou or Scharnhorst), so I'm sure a bit of derpiness is fine.
  8. Gneisenau please. I must see the sister of best girl Scharnhorst :D.
  9. Awwwwwwwww...what a poor girl :). Her frizzy hair just adds to the moe.
  10. I hope the gameplay of Victory Belles can deliver...because I think it could take the ship-girl genre by storm with the characters :D.
  11. The legend is here?!
  12. I kinda agree. It seems that VB (in terms of design) is going farther than Kancolle in regards to overall look and historical references. We'll have to still see about gameplay, but I hope for the best with this team! After all, this could really help BCS reach the big-top!
  13. That could definitely work! Heck! She is also a very famous ship, so that does help.