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  1. Thanks for joining the info, Shirogane. I'd suggest Mignonette's idea, but it'll be up to you
  2. Sorry for asking, but what does KS stand for? (Might be a bit forgetful...) Hoping that the game fixes don't mess up with other remaining components of the game as you assess them. That can give the development a serious delay.
  3. Extra Credits is a Youtube channel that usually talks about videogame design and many other related topics. However, it has a sub-channel that is supported by its fans via Patreon and other means. They've released the first of a video series about the hunt for Bismarck. I find it funny that an adversary is sponsoring this episode, though. Nonetheless, i'll chain all the episodes unto the opening thread so everyone can enjoy it, or have a quick link to them. Oh, and i should mention that the animation style is part of their style. Enjoy, Bismarck fans!!! (P.S.: if there is a way to decrease the size of the video screen, please tell me so via PM so i can lower its size to a more fitting one) Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3:
  4. Glad to see you around. And if i may be bold to ask, what do you enjoy the most from others' take on your work?
  5. Hi ho! One vote for U-29, please.
  6. I second this. Though i'm not against the ocasional use of crunch time when both developers and directors are in a friendly agreement about it.
  7. Hi ho! One vote for U-29, please.
  8. Hi ho! Glad to know that our "von" is helping on keeping the Belle's lore accurate. And to be honest, i understand the way Leningrad behaves to protect her sister, even when their relationship is, as they say "complicated". I have three other brothers, and we have quirky ways of friendship as well... ...especially my sister.
  9. I really enjoyed the second drawing. Reminded me of the Chibi art showed in her interview. Keep doing better ;-)
  10. Hi ho! One vote for A1, please.
  11. Was about to use this meme, but i didn't have permission for image posting. Was there an update in the rules? O.o
  12. Hi ho! Cast my vote on A1, please.
  13. Fwii Fwoo! *munch munch* *munch munch* *GUULP!* *sigh* Now that i'm done... ... one vote for C2, please!
  14. Hi ho! Well, that was quite the interview. Now i understand why sandwiches are a part of her. And yes, Ninja, i understand your disappointment. But Belles are like people - sometimes their first impressions are flawed. But give them time (and the chance) and they could...*puts shades on*...turn around. (I'd insert the "Yeaaaah" img here, but right now i can't XD) (Also, an art of a Belle putting on sunglasses would be funny to use; do ask Salmon, if you would) P.S.: Do note that it was Henley that signed off the interview, not Mahan. I believe that was a first.