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  1. Siding with the Nazis to learn about the origins of the Belles
  2. Next vote in Mid-December, and planning to get more sailors on board sounds great hopefully we will get to plan the beta soon.
  3. As awesome as Nautilus and Kongo is I feel Nautilus and Nerpa to give focus on the subs or Nautilus and Aoba for scatterbrained shenanigans, however I vote for Dmnt's Velasco and Canarias pairing.
  4. Option 3
  5. Going with B
  6. I am not afraid to meme
  7. Yeah more fanart and Bulldog is adorable as ever.
  8. Both are great and looks forward to more art from both
  9. I should really pay attention more.
  10. Thought this was interesting and nice to know about the article
  11. At least you have more hands on board
  12. That is just perfect
  13. Siding with option 1 Looking forward to the Belle Pair thread