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  1. I suspect that professors would only passively prevent students from researching their past. To do so actively is to put a giant bullseye on your butt saying, "Hey guys, I've got some information that will hurt me if it gets out, please kick me!"
  2. This has got to be fairly new then. I don't do research in the game and I haven't read that in the mod tools. Fascinating. I guess I need to get off my butt and finally play a DLC 17 game, even though I've been waiting for the new modbase to come out before fooling with that...
  3. Rhialto, I would say Negation would not only be easier for detecting, it would also be useful to unmask the imposter too. Legate! 1. Exactly when does the Venalicium close? What about the Library of the Mantle of Stars, and the Library of Manetele? And I suppose that the Library of Longshade is officially closed always. While I suppose we know Why it closed, can you tell us How it happened and if not how, then When? 2. Have old Gates or Mastery enchantments ever been found by accident in the student dormitories? Mischievous fairly innocent stuff back from before the bans and not the malicious stuff bringing up images of black wizards? 3.Since Orsi graduated from the Academagia, Can you pretty please tell us what College he attended? 4. Can you tell us if Y2 is playable from beginning to end, yet? You don't need to tell us anything more, or how bad the bugs might be. I just want to gauge progress... 5. I don't think it was ever asked, but... Exactly what does the calendar year count from? The Exile? 6. Can you explain to me how Revisions which might otherwise kill people by turning them into inanimate objects, would allow them to survive? And can you explain why the heart is significant when being slowly petrified under such a revision? 7. Would bringing a fresh-baked apple pie into Calligraphy class be considered disruptive by Von Rupprecht? Or would he just let it slide after he confiscated it? What would happen to repeat offenders? 8. What is the significance of magic that smells of Cinnamon? or any magic that leaves behind any particular smell even if that wasn't part of the spell at all? 9. While Massioti may not care if you go to Contu's school so long as he doesn't find you playing Rimbal for them, traditionally, what did the former Regents and Godina staff think of this? What do the Contu teachers think of an Academagia student showing up at their doors to learn? Would they care at all?
  4. I finally learned to recognize 2 new constellations tonight. (Taurus and the Pleiades) Given that the only one I could recognize on sight before is Orion, I've made a 200% increase in stellar knowledge. Given that magical lights are a thing, how bad is light pollution in Mineta, and how easy can magic correct for this? In fact, how difficult would a spell that makes the night sky keen and perfect to view? (at least for the caster) It would have to have a duration of at least an hour or two.
  5. That twitter link needs to be fixed too, lol.
  6. For 2, can you share this lore? For 3. I was very close to quoting Orwell on 2+2=5.
  7. Say. Legate, How is the progress on Y2 doing now? Can you tell us of any milestones that were crossed recently? Also, you said you'd ask about Sabinu Nos and her human experimentation for an answer...
  8. Let's not forget about Rimbal!
  9. Given that our legate has said that the Legates of the Academagia are chosen by the Regents, I wouldn't say it is especially rare. We already know that Orsi is a confirmed graduate of the Academagia, and that, combined with circumstances that we don't know, were probably enough to get him the job. I would bet though, that if he hadn't been a graduate, he would have had to claw his way up... At least if he wanted the job and didn't fall into it like I'm currently suspecting.
  10. Heh. Can you at least state if the team does indeed have an internal release plan, without stating said plan? Does the team have a "soft" extendable deadline or are they just following the same philosophy we've been told for years "It'll be ready when it's ready"?
  11. Regent Orsi!? He's the Legate, darn it! :
  12. I agree. It wasn't directly stated that he did it, but you can kind of infer from the story that he attempted to do it. Whether he succeeded or not, it doesn't seem like many people are so confident that it can't be done as to want to give him a second chance at it.
  13. That's di Cossa, as I mentioned in my earlier post.
  14. I seem to recall Kazus being famed for Mastering a young dragon. So I would think that Mastery can work on dragons, situationally. Frankly given that dragons are probably experts on Mastery, and that knowledge of Mastery can lead to defensive benefits against the same, I would suspect that it would not be completely impossible, merely very difficult to Master one.I also think that Salvitore di Cossa is capable of the that, and that's why he summoned one back then. It's little wonder why someone who knows both Gates and Mastery would inspire a lot of fear even if they were fairly decent people.
  15. Legate: 1. How often does the Praetexta court meet under normal circumstances? I imagine that they could have emergency sessions at any time if the need was dire enough? 2. When was the longest-lasting meeting of the Praetexta court, and is the subject of that meeting known? 3. What is one of the best known cases of a Gates pheme being added to a fairly ordinary non-Gates spell and having spectacularly terrible consequences? 4. Did Sabinu Nos get into trouble from the human experimentation that she did? Exactly where does the law fall on these sort of matters in the present? 5. Was Incantation really not known to the Empire before the march of enlightenment? Or was it more that they had unique forms of casting? Can you tell us what year that famous battle took place? 6. Can you tell us how bad the state of the Grand Forge of the Academagia was before that previous Regent Chard repaired it? Was there a lot of resistance to the idea of repairing it? 7. If Grainne and Emilia (Strolin) were locked in a room together, who would go crazy because of the other first? 8. Since sufficiently realistic animals are very difficult to Incant properly, how often can you tell if an animal is a magical construct just by looking at it? 9. You've said that Professor Knoht is subbing for an extended absent professor. Is she subbing for all of this mystery professor's classes or just basic Incantation? 10. Since the occasional Alumni of Icanicix and Kazus still live, and are even allowed to visit wearing their college crests, I was wondering how the Academagia takes the visitation of such wizards? Do some of them donate to the Academy still? 11. Who pays for the maintenance of Icanicix and Kazus halls, since the closure of the colleges? Were they converted for general use right after the bans? Or were they closed to everyone for a century or so? 12. Are there any phemes which to date are incompatible to be added to any spell? (In other words, no known possible use exists for them) 13. What exactly are the origins of the Bean Festival that Orsi... Dislikes... so much? 14. Would Von Rupprecht eat a magically incanted pie assuming it was decently created? Or does he only eat 'real' ones? 15. Is the magic that negates death affected by how long the dead thing has been... dead? 16. What is the length record for bringing a dead person back to life? Has anyone so revived with negation managed to extend the magic in any appreciable amount of time because they didn't want to die... again? 17. Has there been the case where a dead person was being repetitively revived through Negation to pass on instructions for a business, over a lengthy period of time?
  16. The legate has said clearly that Dragons cannot use Astrology. As to why, well, who knows?
  17. On 6, You'd never get an admission from them on that. Though it's important to note, that due to how old the school is, and how all-inclusive it is, there's a very real possibility that even in the small chance that it can't quite reach the level of quality that a small group of specialist schools might be able to reach in a given pillar, I think the mages taught at the Academagia would still have numerous advantages to make up for that shortcoming, and honestly, if the student was talented enough, I don't think it would make any difference.
  18. Many, many things. But it wouldn't help me to withstand the dire lack of Academagian sequels these past long, dire years of boredom. *hint, hint*
  19. I seriously doubt you'll get an answer to that until after Y2 releases. That would require a timeframe which the poor Legate hasn't dared to put out since I caught him saying "Next year" 3 years in a row. It was in my sigi at one point.
  20. Fireworks and primitive rockets are OK. A handful of trains are fine too if they're really rare. I'm gonna draw the line of disapproval at pneumatic tubes, though.
  21. It sounded to me that it was teleported also, but I'd like clarification on this to the extent the Legate is willing to give it.
  22. Did the island that appeared over the Academagia in the main story wander in with the storm? That part wasn't explained especially well, because it's kind of implied that it shows up rather suddenly...
  23. Exactly what constitutes an unusually large uncharted island? and what is the typical size of yet uncharted islands when they are found?
  24. Hmm, Legate, what's the difference with "teleportation" and "portal hop between 2 spots"? Magically speaking. In practical effect surely near identical minus size and logistic restraints for the latter...
  25. How was magical travel handled, when Gates was legal and just about anyone with a basic understanding of it could move about freely without any customs declarations or anything? I can't help but wonder if at least a small part of the ban on Gates would be to stop smugglers, haha!