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  1. Sadly, though [redacted] officially, After reading the invitation one can acquire in Y1, I have a pretty good idea as to how the school makes examples. Not very pretty, but, with so much at stake I can't fault them. How often does the dome contract? And by how much? Since the school is at least a few centuries old I imagine you can see traces of how warped the dome is from contracting, unless it was designed that way...?
  2. Crafting in Y1 is, well, difficult. Long story short, it's really not worth doing. It's one of the areas that will get a lot more love come Y2.
  3. 1. Since the staff and students always wear long cloaks to hide their faces and probably also their general forms from identification, because sometimes powerful mages find their way to the school and would be a great threat. I was wondering how often that happens. Does it happen at all during the time the player might be a student there? And what might actually happen if a curious exploring student just happens to discover Schohanwicht, and gets caught? 2. Exactly how large is the dome, in which Schohanwicht is encased? Would I be correct in guessing that it gives maybe half the space as the Academagia's Campus has? 3. Can you talk about the intelligence that the plants seem to have? At least from the perspective of the casual observer. As we are talking about Gates here, it wouldn't be surprised if spirits found a way into the plants due to the heavy presence of Gates, but... I am thinking more on the level like seen here: at 31 seconds in on the top left side of the screen. The plant shields itself from the sun but isn't really sentient. Although some plants at the Academagia seem to have that level of intelligence too, so I am curious if there is a difference worth noting
  4. mmm, So, Gates wizards traditionally were more of a rear formation, then? Did the ancient armies use Gates monsters all the time, or only during battle?
  5. 6. How does one defend themselves against a Gates mage? It seems to me that getting hit by a Gates spell is like a 1 hit KO, or worse. Not saying it would necessarily be different from getting hit from an incantor wielding superheated plasma balls, but at least heat is probably easier to counter due to opposites being easier to visualize. Can general negation spells, (Or failing that, dodging like a champ) really protect against a spell designed to rend you in a million pieces spread out over 100 miles?
  6. There is no DLC 18. The last update was more of a patch. (usually they don't give a new title for those but there was a reason for that this time.)
  7. I doubt Y2 will, but if my Y2 gradebook does well, I'm sure the team will notice, and may consider it for future years beyond.
  8. Are you tired of doing all the calculations for whether your Academagia student is the best or not? Do you even know how to do so manually? If you don't want to do this yourself, this gradebook is for you! All you have to do is input the data from you and your classmates mid-term and final exam data (found in the daily reporting on exam days) into the tan cells. It supports all classes, all colleges, and also allows for ranking all of the students in Y1. Version 1.73 (For the last releases of Y1, DLC 16+) Academagia Gradebook.xlsx Forum link. You may not have permission to access. (old link) An example of a class sheet. This is the overall sheet, which allows you to compare all of the students in your year to see how they are doing!
  9. I can't wait until Y2 comes out so I can work on the next gradebook. Seeing someone show off a completed character after Y5 with the data from 5 gradebooks will be awesome.
  10. I just checked to make sure the link is still working. It still is. 42 downloads. Awesome number. You guys really do care~! :sadface:
  11. Typically you don't get enough extra credit to influence your exams much. All it does is add the stated amount (usually if not always +2) and it directly adds that amount to your mid and final exam scores. As finals are usually around 110-120 points on the high end, it might influence your grade by around 1 per cent. If you want to learn more about exam grades, you can look up my gradebook thread. (shameless plug, haha)
  12. failing that, You can look up the students on the wiki. There are some nice abilities there for the taking if you can keep the clique together.
  13. Some of them probably still do. It assuredly is redacted from the record if they get caught.
  14. I agree with Schwarzbart. Even in setting 9 out of 10 mages agree that illegal magic is not a casual thing. When you know what you're doing, go for it, but theres no shame in knowing a little incantation and negation to deal with gates and mastery gone wrong.
  15. The current modbase expects current modtools, which the Team won't be able to release until Y2 due to licensing issues.
  16. I agree. Don't waste time screwing with Y1 anymore if it's not going to be an easy fix. Just focus on Y2. and when the new modtools can finally be released, we'll scour through 17's modbase then. (Just don't release the Y2 modbase too quickly!)
  17. Wait, wait wait, I thought that the last mod base was actually #4 (but misnumbered) which would make the new one #5? So confusing... Sadly, I get this problem as well.
  18. While I'm cynical and don't expect Y2 to be released in this calendar year, I do have hope that the closed beta will show up sometime in June-July. Assuming that the Team finally releases the Final patch for Y1 this month. ...If not, then all bets are off. Haha!
  19. How is that looking? Has anything been cut since we first started pestering you for the class list? Are there any classes that look like they will be cut?
  20. The title pretty much speaks for itself, but I figured I might as well ask, though I suspect I know the answer. Is there anything in DLC 17 that would prevent it from being run in the Pre-Steam Version of Y1? It's my understanding that the reason why the older version didn't receive DLC 17 was a pragmatic decision to herd all of us into the new version, so that you wouldn't need to support the old version, which had issues with distribution, and is "technically" inferior. Also, given that I have no interest in modding outside of making a DLC 17 patch for the old version of Y1, I am not too familiar with the way Y2 will interpret a save from such a modded "old-version DLC17". Assuming I don't do anything other than publish the mod, would Y2 need a copy of this "mod" (That isn't really a "mod" mod.) like other mods or would it be incapable of distinguishing between a pre-Steam DLC 17 and the official Steam version DLC 17? I think it's an important enough question to ask.
  21. Hehe. "Perfect" is a fairly subjective term. Why not aim higher with 10's in all student and professor relationships? Nobody should be able to tweak the game THAT much. The builds I've seen some people have already destroy the balance of the game. I think even my characters do that. To get a good idea of what is actually possible, try looking up Schwarzbart's characters. I forget which thread they're talked about on, but they're a doozy. (Keep in mind at least a few of them might not be able to be reproduced easily now with the class skip bug fixed) Svink also has some mighty powerful characters that make my best character, (whom has perfect attendance and so is limited by it) pale in shame. Even so, I'm fairly sure that despite my character's shortcomings, he probably will crush Y2's balance easily also.
  22. This is off topic, but, I just had to gush. Lately I've been reading this light novel called 'Overlord' While some parts can get quite dark, and the subject is more adult than Academagia, I wouldn't say it is too much darker than something like Dragon Age. But there are a few parts which are. The basic premise is that a level 100 mmorpg player gets permanently transported to a 'new world' after the game servers were shut down, and he and his NPC guardians cause pure chaos because there is virtually nobody there over say level 30. there's even an anime out of it although it only covers a small part of it and not in great detail like the novel does. There's also a lot of humor as the NPCs see him as some infinitely wise ruler when he's just an ordinary guy wearing a facade because he fears losing their loyalty if he doesn't 'measure up'. It helps that he's a lich, so he's got a mean poker face. Here's TV tropes page Here's a small clipping I chose from the latest volume's translation. Just a few pages' worth so you can see whether you'll like it or not.
  23. Part of the chimney crows adventure had you solving a legal kerfuffle that had a law firm trying to steal a property from an old lady. Edit: Don't forget the city hall adventure!
  24. Season 2 of this anime kicked off today. If all goes as I expect, The season will end after showing my favorite arc in the story. It's gonna be good!
  25. 1. At least partially, for certain. 2. [redacted] But frankly, you need to remember that Gates is more feared for it's complicated, somewhat accidental, and occasionally stupendously frightful side effects. hyper-lethal monsters. horrific plagues. Whole sections of real estate being torn asunder from the sky. In some respects you can safely say Gates is the more frightening of the two illegal pillars. 3.Several Gates items (like the Taxidermist's pin, look it up) were designed to physically restrain monsters so that they could be more safely worked on. (maybe even taken apart and completely reworked) Exactly how this worked is [redacted] but it probably has something to do with distorting the connection between the body and the spirit inhabiting it.