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  1. I thought I'd make a small mention of this, apparently there's a re-release of Princess Maker 2 on Steam. As most of you may or may not know, the English DOS version that anyone played waaay back in the day was a 99% complete beta that never saw an official release. This Steam version is a completed and refined version which not only has a modern, more accurate translation, but keeps the Japanese audio, and though I haven't played the game in forever, It looks cleaner and has a different soundtrack than my memory says existed back in the day. Check it out!
  2. About a year, apparently. I don't browse Steam, I found this by watching ending videos and noticing comments. Still, it was news to me and since We hadn't mentioned it, and given its influence on Academagia.. I had to say something.
  3. Haha, I'd love to hear that story someday. I seriously doubt you can take that at face value, but in the unlikely event that it was true, being reincarnated as a different gender would screw with you, plus a lot can happen in 80 years. Did this person admit to being a Schohanwicht or did people assume it because of skill? You'd only have a conversation about something like this with Gates and Revision magics, lol.
  4. The Legate has said that those Master wizards from before the ban were left alone so long as they didn't use or teach the magic. I'm sure there are a few around still, but they probably don't advertise it. Edit: Legate, News?
  5. Ha, considering what happened with Professor Cogspring, I can't help but feel that the Battlemace people are passionate but cut corners.
  6. Well, we'll see how things go. I do intend to have Mr. Pebbles do some more traveling. I've told the legate a little bit about it. I don't think the team would write me into a corner.
  7. I'm actually the one who wrote Mr. Pebbles' Adventures. So, apart from him returning, there may not be anything else to do about him until I get the opportunity to play Y2, learn the new mechanics and 'feel' of the tone of the stories, and then write it down. I do have the basic ideas done though, and if the team is nice enough to give me a chance to test the y2 beta, there's a small chance V1.0 of Y2 will have my writing in it. Suffice to say, there will be a way to remove him as your familiar eventually.... ..Although the first method you come across may have a price most would be unwilling to pay... [insert evil laughter here]
  8. 1. Can you say how many classes there are in the Y2 class list? 2. Will you say how many classes there are in the Y2 class list? 3. How many Soldiers is the average wizard considered to be worth in warfare? 4. Since walking through an active gate isn't a crime in itself so long as you aren't it's creator, I want to ask if there are any known active gates that go to completely different dimensions, and if not, what were some of the more well known permanent active ones, and do their ruins still exist? 5. A bigger map of Mineta is said to come with Y2, will we see a more complete world map with Y2 as well? 6. Without going into actual skill names or anything, can you give us examples of tasks that are probably just out of reach of our character's skill levels at the end of Y1? (Or maybe just the utter limit for a super bright first year student..) I'm just curious about how well we would be able to come up with new spells or derivatives on the spot based on existing knowledge. If possible, give examples for each pillar. (including the illegal stuff, please. Could a first year summon a dragon if they for some crazy insane reason wanted to?) 7. While folks near the edge of an island likely just chuck their garbage over the edge, how do more innerly located places deal with the problem? Is that part of the reason why Mineta has places where you can fall through in the undercity? 8. While there have been mentioned other magics outside Gates and Mastery that are banned for one reason or another, are there any spells outside those pillars that have the death penalty attached to them? 9, Aside from the mentor system, can you tell us anything more about extra responsibilities that a second year student might be expected to share? 10. i think we touched on this a little bit. but basically, even we didn't partake in a particular adventure, there's still a good chance that most of them were undertaken by someone, even if the actual events and outcome turns out differently? Edit: 11. Any nows on the Emotion of Gates ?
  9. Legate. Where's the news?
  10. Legate, Where's the news?
  11. Invitation accepted <3
  12. Any news from the team, Legate? On the Y2 class list or on the Temptation of Gates emotion? Because I think we've reached a point where I need to keep pestering you on this, It's too important!
  13. Of course there is a small problem that anyone who knows a little negation can determine you used a magic on yourself that is banned on use under penalty of death. I guess whether you use it or not is determined on whether you fear a certain fate as being worse than death itself literally. Also, Legate, Any new from the team yet?
  14. ...Except I'll bet that there will be some unique benefits to choosing them, and who saidd that time spent on a ship would be wasted?
  15. Any news on this?
  16. Don't feel bad. Although it may be a default "Don't care" option for all familiars, it truly does fit him the best, hahaha.
  17. Schohanwicht acceptance letters have ways of finding themselves sucked into a vortex once they have been read once.
  18. I really did! My latest playthrough: Finished all critical adventures, and most of the important looking auxiliary adventures. (had to sacrifice opportunity of doing any student adventures, sadly) Acquired academic domination. #1 in all classes. 8+ relations with most of my teachers. 10 with Orsi, and regents Von Rupprecht, and Briardi. (and Sido, who is easy to raise) 10+ in all legal pillars and my class skills, Also several other skills received attention. 10 in the not so legal pillars (Tempation of Gates got me, ha! Nice addition) Unlocked I think ~95% of every subskill 5555 pims (a weird coincidence) A score of at least 7 in all attributes. most are 8+ And I did it with perfect attendance, YEAH! Eat your heart out, Schwarzbart! This probably will not be my main save because I am unsure of really wanting to know the illegal stuff. but it is definitely a strong runner for a second place alternate run. Edit: (04/22/16) Just adding some details since I already had it copied to the forums now.
  19. 1. Are there any professors known to be in a relationship with another? And what is the Academy's policy towards professors dating one another? 2. As an omni-disciplinarian, I am worried about my ability to get accepted into classes for higher-tiered magic because of a lack of prerequisite classes being taken. Since I've taken Incantation, Revision, Glamour and Negation classes, can I expect a lot of a hassle taking classes in Astrology and Enchantment in Y2? Even if I know the Y1 material well? I know you said that there are limits to competency tests. 3. Are there any rules for Airships flying over cities like Mineta? No-fly zones, or don't stop moving until you're clear of the big buildings? 4. In the era when Mastery was not banned outright, what were the limits that a powerful wizard could get away with? Surely they couldn't just take over a whole town and not expect SOMEBODY to eventually take notice and try to kill said wizard.. Surely there were laws against simply Mastering someone into unpleasant servitude even then... Right? 5. Can you ask the team to explain the Temptation of Gates emotion? I understand that it's a mechanical way to explain what a player might see. I'm hoping that they can explain what the 'paths' are that the emotion talks about, at least from the player's perspective. The understanding that I have is like in the Road runner cartoons where the Coyote paints a tunnel on the rock. It looks real but when he tries to chase the road runner through it he is reminded that there is a rock there. Is it kind of like that or more ethereal and obviously not something to be mistaken for a real path to go down? (and how loud can the voices be, do they appear to be random or in contact with the player? Can the player talk back? [when nobody's looking of course, haha]) 6. Since the Legate is always in demand, I have to ask if he hasn't ever invented a Glamour for creating an image of himself that would have a certain number of set phrases to say based on who he needed it to distract for a while? "Uh-huh", "That's Terrible", "I see..." And then a pre-scripted second illusion of a person coming up to whisper in the fake Orsi's ear, and then a quick apology and Poof. By then the real legate would be miles away. 7. If someone did the unthinkable and Gated a Dragon to the Imperial Palace, would the Dragon appreciate the Irony?
  20. Though it would be very interesting to find a professor who raises Gates Maximums through favor at the Academagia...
  21. Ooh, I want to see it so badly...
  22. So... Am I to take from this that the UI is mostly done now? (was all the work done on DLC 17 and the steam release duplicated for Y2's UI?) Does this mean that a late 2017 release is not totally out of the question? We've been tacking years on for a while now, it would be lovely to not have to do that again....
  23. Actually, Legate, Since using magic in Y1 class exams is encouraged, I'm curious what a score of 200 and 300 would bring for all class grades. lore-wise, of course. Ooh, and while on the subject of grades, can you tell us what grading style was used on Mastery and Gates classes pre-ban? Oh, and how does Schohanwicht measure competency?
  24. Oooh! If I wasn't broke and ogling the last 20 or so classic Games I need in my collection I'd be all over this.
  25. Blasphemy! Tell your other self to get their own account, when we want to talk to our legate, we don't want an imposter!