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Hi all,


I recently started playing Academagia and I am enjoying it, there is just one thing I would like some help on.


My goal is to be a mage very good at casting spells, mathematics, diplomatic or being able to talk my way out of things with a high perception of things around me.

Enchanting and incantations or aggressive actions are not my cup of tea, unless the first 2 are generalized as spells


I believe I made the wrong class choices for those, right now I am:


Vernos Academy




Astrology dialectic



Any tips on how to be more like the way I want.

I seem to be learning new skills all the time, but half of them I can't find :)


I also have another question, is there a list with locations that I have actually discovered? The Lore list includes every location in the game it seems.




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Just to put it simply there is no wrong or right in chosing your class skills!

Some Classes help you to get some great abilitys early in the game but thats more a kind of powergaming.


Lore only shows locations you already know about but some of theyr abilitys could be beyond your characters abilitys because they have requirements.

Also some places only have passive abilitys that triger when you set this location as your starting place for a Action.

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Maybe my question should have been: Which classes would be the main ones to have that specific kind of skillset ?


And I know you can choose whatever skill you want to learn, I just don't want any classes that do not correspond with my preferred skillset.

And not looking for overpowering either. Maybe enchant and astrology could be changed into something better ? Does calligraphy even help me with that playing style ?

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For casting spells the main Schools are:

Incanation, Glamour, Negation and Revision

so choose depending on what kind of Magic you whant to have!

There 2 Mathematic Classes:

Arithmetic and Geometry

If you want a Mathematic Focus I would get both.

I cant tell you what classes are good in become a diplomat or talking your way out because the real skills for this are in no Class!

(It would be Heraldy and Society your talking about)

Dialectic i.e. is more like the Detective way of apoaching a situation but the most importend SS from this Skill sleuthing isnt trained from classes.

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Aha very interresting :)


So Heraldy and Society have no link to any other class, or something that would complement them, like Rhetoric sounds sort of in that direction.


So yea, I need Glamour, Negation, Arithmetic, Rhetoric, Dialectic and ...


I never liked geometry in school, but I guess they complement eachother very well in this game, if used together ? :P


Thanks for the perfect answer either way :)

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So fare I dint thry a focus on becoming a Diplomate in one of my chars and I also dont have much expirienc in the social Classes either.

But If I wanted to thake a Path as Diplomat I probably would take Caligraphy and Rhetoric because a Diplomat have to be good at writing also.

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how about going for hedi instead of vernin?


it seems a much more appropriate college (note that each college has 2 or 3 mandatory courses)


i personally would also take revision as i think that it fits the concept of general spellcasting better (rather than of a particular type) and it later provides access to a location which opens up the enspell skills (which fits the bill even more)

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Closest I can get is with Hedi:


Glamour, Negation, Rhetoric, Dialectic, Arithmetic and Grammar (can't change this one, but looking at the description it's a good asset to the other classes)


Found some very nice history bonuses in character creation as well :)


P.S.: I somehow forgot to click the add reply button, you are both right in my new player opinion, I just don't know that much yet about Revision and Enspell, I read all the descriptions, so they probably didn't sound fitting to me :P

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