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All knowledge vs All Magical Character


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Warning: Power build characters, so they will be spoilers. Changed to weak normal start so the con will be more apparent.


Okay, As a experiment to compare knowledge and magical usefulness, I rolled two characters with the goal of raising one as a knowledge type and another as the Battlemage type. Hopefully, this will be an interesting comparison.


I would like some extra insight to how to raise each of them properly in case I miss anything. :)


Starting Statistic


Warlock : Heroic warrior and leader in the battlefield who don't care much about imperial Etiquette and the law.


Fitness: 2

Finesse: 2

Charm: 2

Strength: 2

Intelligence: 1

Insight: 1

Luck: 1


All points are spend into skills background.


Collage: Goldina

Class: Astrology, Athletic, Incantation, Music, Negation, Revision

Possible Skill Focus: Class skills, Ambush, Animal Husbandry, Archery, Composure, Concentration, Courage, Duel Conduct, Endurance, Explore, Interrogation, Knots, Leadership, Balckmail, Patrol, Patience, Plot, Raid, Rimbal, Tactics, Voice, Wit, Wrestling.


Mage of Knowledge: Ask her if you don't know something, but she's not the talkative type nor is she an artist.


Fitness: 1

Finese: 2

Charm: 1

Strength: 1

Intelligence: 2

Insight: 2

Luck: 2


All points are spend into skills background.


Collage: Aranaz

Class: Arithmetic, Astrology, Botany, Calligraphy, History, Zoology

Possible Skill Focus: Class skills, Accounting, Administration, Analyze, Anthropology, Architecture, Bassan, Biology, Bookbinding, Cartography, Cryptology, Drafting, Elumian, Geometry, Knowledge of Materials, Logic, Magical Appraisal, Patience, Theology, Traps.

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How to raise a few students is a tricky task, especially if you don't want them encroaching into other fields than their focus... but it is a fun experiment.


With Warlock you should have a relatively easy time expanding your stats (for easier study-points) with magic, I find that Dirty Tricks (from Athlectic's competition) is an easy spell to add phemes to, and through that various stats or skills (needed in Adventures for instance, or exams...)


The Mage of Knowledge is differently difficult... I notice Theology, so maybe with Religion's Cleanse and Remake is an approach to increase skills faster.


Sadly my main focus has been in the more action-packed soldiers of destruction, so my advice to Your Mage of Knowledge is... limited. sadly.


Best of luck regardless! Maybe a few others knows some good tips for either of them :)

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