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A few questions i was interested in...


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1. I haven't seen anyone ask this yet, but as of current dlc and patch, how many years does the game last?

2. Can you be expelled for failing?

3. In later dlc's, will we see more classes for later years? Perhaps advanced classes for higher grades in previous years?

4. Is a Academagia 2 planned? Or will we just dlc for a year or so, and then #2 come out?



Things i wouldn't mind seeing in DLC's:


New Familiars (Which, i plan on making about 20 more when i get the modding tools downloaded. PM me animals you'd like to see in a mod)

New Classes for later years.

New Teachers for said classes.

More secret areas to explore and discover.

More backgrounds, and personality traits and what have you.(Another thing on my list of to-do's.)

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1) The next Game of this series (year 2) is still around 2 years away and the Team promised to release 1 DLC each month till Year 2 is released.

2) Not in Year 1

3) Dont think so, new Classes are probably only implimented in Year 2.

4) There is no Academagica 2 planed instead it will be Academagica Year 2 as a seperat Programm where you can Import your Year 1 chars and as mentioned its still ~2 RL year away.

Because Academagica will have 5 years and the devlopment betwean release of year 1 and year 2 is expected to be ~ 2.5 years you know the team isnt aviable for a year 1 remake for a long time ;).

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1) It end at year 5.

2. Pretty sure I heard someone got expelled by doing really badly, but NPC this year won't get expelled.

3. Yes, what you learn this year is the foundation for those later.

4. I guess it count as that since they did use a new stronger engine for year two.


familiar mod

I want a fox.


New teacher

Some teacher don't teach year one so you will see new teacher, and you also have those temporary teacher that part time to teach you ramdom stuff.


More area

Probably, but you probably haven't discover every places in year one anyway.


more background

If you have a good background idea, they do add it in as DLC, and yes they will be a bunch of new background for year 2. Like summer vacation, clique related, etc.

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