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How to cheat?


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The only way to do anything like how you want it done, is to either:


A. Make a mod with a new background that gives everything you want.

(Pro's: Works every time. Can start new games, and have the same)

(Con's: Takes a very long time to do, and then 6+ hours to publish the mod to actually use it)


B. Download a program that allows to change running code in programs. Aim for 4 bits, and 8 bits. Probably Binary as well.

(Pro's: Gives you more optioins, and will let you change things on the fly)

(Con's: Not as easy as it sounds, can crash your game easily.)


C. Just play the game. It's alot more fun that way i promise you.



(OH! If you do A, message me on here, as i want the mod as well. I want to do some exploring as well)

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Haha, you never know whether someone would recheck their topic just in case someone replies! :P


I didn't really pay attention to dates. Most of the time I skim the first page of a board and then see. I just so happened to come across the cheat mod LATER than here, so I thought, why not be a good samaritan? Can't hurt, can't it? :D

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