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Mastery 11

Jeabus Mahogany

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So my Mastery skill is sitting at 10, with:


-Mastery Methods at 10

-Mastery Phemes at 11

-Mastery Spells at 10

-Theory of Mastery at 10


I need a way to increase the maximums on two of the subskills apart from phemes, but have come across no way to do so in the Wiki or from reading this forum. Does anyone have such information?

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The research topic "Theory of Mastery" increases Theory of Mastery max by one. Which in turn gives access to Mastery Methods 11. (Which in turn gives you Mastery Spells 11 - but not needed if you already got phemes)



I'm not if there is an easy way to find "Courtyard" which seems to be needed to research this topic, but I don't recall having this problem once I had access to the forbidden library. Sorry

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