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Familiar: The Old Familiar Spell


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Because I haved to realise that the Familiar Attribute Bonus don't help much if you change your familiar I came up with a new Background Idea.


Familiar: The Old Familiar Spell


In your young years you found a old stonetablet with some strange writings on it even if you didn't understand what was writen on it you could never forget it. But now that you have a familiar you finaly understand that it is some kind of magic that allows to strength you familiar for some time at a cost. This spell requires you to let your familiar drink some of your blood fresh from your body but in return its Attributes of Fitness , Intelligence and even Luck will be bosted for a full week.


Char Animal Handling +1


Spell: Feeding Of The Companion


On a Easy (3-4) Animal Handling Roll this spell increase Fit, Int and Luck of your Familiar by 1 on a more difficult roll (8?) all Attributes by +1 for 1 week. But using this spell will cost the player 1 vitality.




This spell was orginal invented by a Vampier but also works for Human mages. But for Humans it only works for theyr familiars while for Vampiers it works also on normal bats and wolfes


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Wonder what the char's parents would say if they found their child feeding blood to familiars.


I suspect it depends on the familiar.

Having a fluffy rabbit sucking your finger doesn't look that bad compared to having an elephant sucking your blood with its trunk.


Feeding your pudding blood is decidedly stupid though.

Parent: You aren't supposed to make Blood Pudding by bleeding on it, dear!

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