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I think the Y2 test adventure from the Crystal Cave can be done in Y3 also if the player not already joined the summer school then but the difficulty should be 8-10 level higher. (if the Crystal Cave can teach Y3 knowledge)


In my opinion it would be good to have 1 year grace option to switch from the Crystal Cave to the School but the Summer School should be superior in the teaching i.e. by teaching Draconic Philosophy in year 3 while the cave not teach this skill.

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Additional background info:

Because of the lack of teaching personal there is only 1 class during the summer education that is brought in 3 (4?) years to the graduation.

A graduated from the summer school who also show enough knowledge in Divination magic [~3.year level) and Artifice technologies (~4.year level) will graduate as Purple Wizard.


The current Headmaster is a ancient Mastery master in the body of a adventurer/plunderer who unintentional took the graduation test and failed.



Also adjusted the CoF & CoS at 1. posting and Step 4 of year 1 adventure because I think its better to do the CoF for the legal spell magic then do it for all spell magic.

(I also excluded gate magic because through the innert randomness it shouldn't affected by the different casting method)

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Y2 Idea in reduce the CoF


1) Requirement of Enspell =>10 allow the player to understand that there is something wrong how he handle his wand for the general magic what reduce the CoF of the background by 1

2) Find out what Professor could help the player in this (Orsi & Knoth?) and then ask one of the Professor for help what require a level 5 favor for a other -1 to the CoF.

3) 5-7 day of practice the 3. -1 to CoF


for year 3-5 there also each time the possibility to reduce the CoF by total of -3 till it reach 0.


Because I plan 12 times of reduce this CoF I need a way to make sure it stops once the player managed to get the reduce at 10 to avoid problems.

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