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Need Your Opinion on Wiki Page Format


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Currently, the Scheherazade wiki is in a bit of disarray due to my and another member's differing views of the format of the 'Capers' pages. I would like fans of the game (and people associated with the game *cough* Legate of Mineta *cough*) to pitch in their opinions as to which format they like best.


Please vote only on how the caper guide is written, not there being an infobox and newspaper or there not being an infobox and newspaper. We plan on adding an infobox and newspaper to all pages regardless of which option is chosen.


Option A

Option A is short and to the point. All of the main/important things are covered and it takes up little space. However, for the more complicated routes, the branching choices can be difficult to follow.







Option B

Option B includes more information (like what happens if you fail). However, B takes up significantly more space, presents more visual clutter, and may take a bit to understand how to read it because of that.





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At this point, we're leaning more toward Option B as it lists what happens if one fails, and people seem to really like that feature. Fell free to still give your opinion though.

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