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Formal Invitation beside adventure?


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With Formal Invitation only be able to successful call 1 adventure per day per student how are you using the remaining timeslot when you using it?

At last how I used Formal Invitation in the past with 1x Cleanse and Rework, 3x Formal Invitation and 1x Rest what now result in only 5 random Adventures is no longer worth it!

Sadly both Cleanse and Rework and Rest are needed if your doing Formal Invitation for adventure, the first to increase your success chance with the random adventures and the later to get rid of all the stress you get from the stress bonus you need to spend.

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IIRC by mid-game (and certainly late-game) I don't think Cleanse And Rework should be needed to successfully pop a Create Formal Invitation.  Especially if you're focusing on completing as many of those adventure chains as you can manage and building up your attributes.

Though I think I used Master (and Sing Song both to repair rep damage, open up more student adventures etc or Party) as well.

Another thing I like to use Controlled students on is on your clique as well to Train your Company for some bonus skill ups or at least to improve the skills of your clique overall.

I didn't really think I lost too much opportunity cost in a time management game given the final result (attached save file if interested).  There's room for a little improvement and I used a few actions to goof around\test some options but my last run from....2018...sigh...I managed to complete all but 1 student adventure (I think I closed out Philip's by doing his girlfriend's student adventure), and anything that wasn't locked behind a character creation selection (house, perk, classes).  Pretty sure I got a lot of mileage out of mind controlling my clique to Train your Company as well.  

Still relatively pleased with the final result at least to satisfy my OCD/completionist heart...though this was using the Touch of Summer DLC.  I don't know what Summer Blush adds but unless it's significant I think I'll just leave it at that and maintain my forlorn hope that we'll eventually see Y2 in our lifetimes;-). 

Last Day.ams

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wow Grue your even more extrem then me ^^ I try to avoid to do to many adventures because from what I remember the Legate told us it will come back on you in Y2. I don't remember the exact reason the Legate give to us but I suspect everyone expect you to continue your adventuring path and help them even if you i.e. want a more student like live.

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