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The Empty Nest


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So I came across this item the other day when I playing called The Empty Nest at the Cold Harvest Hattiers. It's a hat that has no effects, but in the description, it makes a point to say the hat can be improved upon. The only 'improve' action I can find is Repair and Improve, which doesn't do anything special with this item. I am guessing from the name it could be combined with an egg or something to make a new and improved hat, but I can't find anything here on the forums or on the wiki to confirm this. I may be focusing too much on the wording in the description that says owners have plenty of room to improve upon the item, but has anyone found any use for this outside of just having it, so you have every item in the same?

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Sound like some kind of crafting was / is planed for this item. In Year 1 you first need to find a receipt, then all the materials and then you even need the right (sub) skill high enough to craft something new. With the limited stocks in the shops we have in Y1 crafting is sadly a uninteresting thing.


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