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Apprenticeship: Researcher


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I think about making an Apprenticeship: Researcher background what gives:
- a Ring that give +1 Luck and +1 to all Research Action and Abilities
- Lucky Research action that Give a complete random SS, a complete random Research Topic +1, on a luck + Research roll vs 5 and 10 each a Research Topic +1, but with a CoD of 5
- Decipher Handwriting +1
- The Early Empire +1

Background text:

As an apprentice you where assisting a researcher who is responsible to catalogue the written reports from different dig sites. 
Most of the time you got the boring task to read through reports, make a summary of them and mark if there is something unusual.
The focus of the dig sites you got reports about is the early empire so natural you got some understanding in that skill. 
Also having to read reports made with different handwriting improving your skill in decipher handwriting.
Decipher Handwriting +1 and The Early Empire +1)
The Researchers Luck ring is permanent lend to you but remain in the ownership of the dig site sponsors.
You can give it back through many, if not most, merchants in Mineta, if you want to do so.
(Researchers Luck Value 0, Luck +1, all Research Action and Abilities +1)
And most important you learned the Lucky Research action that works best if you have an overwhelming big source of material to use for the research.

(It is suggested that in Y2 Lucky Research is expanded with the new way of research added in Y2 with a Luck based roll fitting Y2) 

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The idea here is that this archaeological research is at least partial, if not full financed by some influential members of Mineta's merchant guild.
One of the sponsoring merchants buy these rings from some fay.


On the pro side the ring comes quite cheap for the merchant and beside the stated bonus, the Lucky Research action actual need the magic of this ring to be learned. 
Also once the Lucky Research action is learned the ring no longer need to be worn that the action can be used.
The con side is that the ring only ever works for the person that learned the Lucky Research action trough it.

It is also unknown to the merchant if there are any long-term side effects from wearing or not wearing this ring.

For the player the Vernin Legate is asked to keep an eye on the player if the fey magic is producing some kind of strange long-therm effect.
Natural the player character know nothing about this and is only written here to give ideas for follow up event or quest from this background.

In Y2 the Description will get 2 new line like this:
"You feel some kind of connection with the ring, even when you not wearing it!
It is nothing like a curse but you probably should make sure to break this connection before giving it away." 

So if the player give away or losing the ring in Y1 nothing negative will happen.
But if the player still own the ring at Y2 start (s)he have to break the connection or things get interesting with Y3.
The Lucky Research Action also only improve to best fit Y2 if the player still own the ring.

If the player still owns the ring with unbroken connection in Y3 the player slowly changes to whatever the fey had as goal.
When some NPC have the ring with unbroken connection it is replaced with 500 pim or some other valuable item and end at the hand of a magician that use the ring for experiments what in turn direct affect the player.

Name: Researchers Luck Ring
Type: Ring
Rarity Type: Uncommon 

Durability: Durable
Durability Magnitude: 20
Size: 0
Quality: 2
Worth: 0
Enchant Skill: Calligraphy
Illegal: No

A wooden ring, shaped in strange patterns. It looks like it just grew this way.
When you wear it, it increases your Luck, as well as all Research Actions and Abilities, by 1.

For everyone beside you this ring is just an interesting oddity with no magical effect at all.
From your master who lends you this ring permanently, you heard that you could give the ring back trough the merchants in Mineta, if you wish so.

Affinities: Nop
Enchantments: Nothing
Ingredients: again empty

The actual enchantment is at the person taking the background with the ring as requirement for the effect.

If sold to a shop outside of the influence of the sponsor of the archaeological research project the ring might be worth up to 50 pims. 
For certain individuals it might be worth a lot more because of the unusual form of enchantment still on it.

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