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  1. And why would you even want to know that? I fear some captains might get rather dangerous ideas...
  2. No, that would be meta gaming since the joke wasn't there in '39. You are getting it wrong. Nobody would expect the Spanish belles because Spain was not involved in WWII. Duh.
  3. If this is a legit option, there goes my vote.
  4. I'm delighted about the idea of the testing suite(or at least something of the sort) making it into the final game. I still remember a certain other game (one that was PVP focused) where we, the players, had to carefully and manually set up certain situations just to do tests and understand the intricates of how the game worked.
  5. I vote 3. That's the only obvious reasonable action, without going as far as 4.
  6. Tweety didn't exist in 1939.
  7. I have a sort of strange request. Can someone draw Canarias, but wearing a big, baggy Mickey Mouse shirt? Even if it's over the uniform(?) Thanks.
  8. That I can think of right now... Why did Hitler kill himself? Unfortunately, most of the jokes I've heard don't really translate well...
  9. Well, that doesn't mean they can't have an interesting/funny interaction. Another thing to consider. That I can remember, we still haven't had any of these pairs have both belles being from the same nation, and Spain just happens to be the only nation that has EXACTLY two confirmed belles due to the Kickstarter's circumstances. And I have other reasons too...(?) *mysterious*
  10. Uh? What's so odd about it?
  11. I get the feeling the office which wrote that answer is entirely made of (ex)politicians. They gave us a giant wall of legal gibberish, while somehow still not giving a clear answer to the actual question that was asked.
  12. I vote Velasco and Canarias. I'm not even joking.
  13. Well, that was embarrassing... I somehow completely missed the line where Graf Spee showed her own cards... But either way, how could that possibly be Maass' fault at all? I don't think you can *accidentally* add an extra card, no matter how badly you shuffle(?) Or like, "you shuffled so poorly the Ace of Clubs became an Ace of Spades" ... I think I'll vote option 1.
  14. I'm not sure I get it... Why exactly does Graf Spee think Surcouf is cheating?
  15. Him doing it for free would be ok within option 2. The real problem here is him selling the photos for "a tidy sum", thus making a profit from the war. I'm certain Leningrad would have no complaints if he was doing it only to inform the people, without any extras.