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  1. Him doing it for free would be ok within option 2. The real problem here is him selling the photos for "a tidy sum", thus making a profit from the war. I'm certain Leningrad would have no complaints if he was doing it only to inform the people, without any extras.
  2. I vote option 2. BTW, if a new topic is going to be created for each duo, I think it'd be good to link it at the end of the update, just like with the interviews.
  3. In that case, then I vote for Canarias and Velasco. I'd totally LMAO if they had their whole interaction in just Spanish.(i mean, that'd kinda make sense, right?)
  4. If we are still allowed to vote anything we want, then I vote Libertad(as Galicia) and Canarias. That's all.
  5. I'm wondering... if anyone would... be willing to do... some fanart of... Canarias...
  6. Whatever post you're all talking about has been deleted, I presume?
  7. As much as it'll likely come back to bite me next week, I've updated the board with Köln's picture.
  8. What I'm saying is that Salmon is the last with an official picture, so after she is interviewed no one will have one. Huh? You say Köln also has one? Where is it?
  9. I must add, it seems Lubu343 has been voting her as well these past weeks. Also, since "capitanes" is plural, it should be "jamás serán vencidos" As a final note, I'm optimistic we might get more support after Salmon's interview. As she was the last on the board with a proper "official picture"(other than the Morgana), that's a thing that always draws more votes in; people are more likely to trust what they can see, after all. With her off the board, all the others will be on a more equal footing. (completely disregarding the fact that some are referred to as "unconfirmed")
  10. So... pretty much everyone is voting Salmon, huh? Then... I know what must be done... I vote Libertad, as always.
  11. That's strange... I don't recall ever hearing anything, good or bad, about Polish fireworks...
  12. The first one is here: Click to follow link. Second one is here: Click to follow link. WARNING: May contain NSFW.
  13. I must say I find it really surprising that Köln has gone from being consistently not voted at all, to having as much as 8 votes in just one round...
  14. The guns attached to the side of the shield look really impractical... First, they make it unbalanced and unwieldy. Second, you can't shoot while using it to defend. And also... if you actually want them to be able to point at the enemy... Well... Unless they are AA guns, which seems likely. That would somewhat negate the second and third point. While, aside from that, I really like her design, I'm not sure I'd want her in my fleet... I suppose one could say I...
  15. I approve of this board. As always, I vote Libertad.