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  1. It's just a simple greeting gif
  2. wow wow nice art here
  3. Hello guy's it's been awhile
  4. I'm still noob but I want to be a good someday
  5. c2 i want Little bitchy hahaha
  6. June or july my guess
  7. When we will have another video interview? I know it's not simple to make that type of interview but I wish too see more
  8. If i'm designing something and then you came out and want to change something without my permission u don't do that to me... That's what Kongo doing
  9. Wow
  10. But dang!!!! Nagato character art is good i i like it more than the KC version
  11. is it just me or Kongo is Little bitchy?
  12. next week dude next week we will have sandwich
  14. As long as i can play the game I'm ok with this april is almost here
  15. sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich
  16. Mahan: I do have to ask, Captain what did you think of my routine? I know it was nowhere as polished as Stewarts, but Me: daydreaming.... Imagining mahan in a cheerleader uniform inside my head... ahhhhhh.. Mahan: Captain! Me: (shock)ahhh yes yes it's ok i think
  17. Indeed hands are something that i hate
  18. Watermelon are green Hehehehe practice practice practice!