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  1. I want a maid belle to take care of me
  2. Hello there guy's Waiting game is real here
  3. Sometimes all you need is a HUG from the right person! . . . Then I realized I don't have one
  4. and this thing took me 4Hrs hahahahahaha hello guys got a new wacom
  5. It's just a simple greeting gif
  6. wow wow nice art here
  7. Hello guy's it's been awhile
  8. I'm still noob but I want to be a good someday
  9. c2 i want Little bitchy hahaha
  10. June or july my guess
  11. When we will have another video interview? I know it's not simple to make that type of interview but I wish too see more
  12. If i'm designing something and then you came out and want to change something without my permission u don't do that to me... That's what Kongo doing
  13. Wow
  14. But dang!!!! Nagato character art is good i i like it more than the KC version
  15. is it just me or Kongo is Little bitchy?
  16. next week dude next week we will have sandwich
  18. As long as i can play the game I'm ok with this april is almost here
  19. sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich