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Posted 14 March 2017 - 03:23 AM

Poles on the ships of the Royal Navy during World War II. Forgotten Polish sailors from the battleship HMS "Hood" and anecdote about how Poles from HMS "Rodney" wanted to boarding at the German battleship "Bismarck".



After the defeat in 1939 Polish Navy she started to rebuild in France and England. From around the world began to stay many volunteers to serve ships Navy. Over time, powerful noted deficiencies in the officer corps and specialists. This was due, that many of them were captured by the Germans or Soviet Russia in 1939. (Many of them have been found in mass graves The Katyn massacre or released from the gulag in 1941)


To increase the number of trained professionals in the Navy. Polish authorities and the command of the Polish Navy asked about the possibility of training Polish sailors on British ships. For answer I do not have to wait long, and from 1940 to 1945, could be met Polish sailors on destroyers, cruisers, battleships and... aircraft carriers.


Generally known entities under which they served Polish sailors HMS "Broke", "Campbell", "Glowworm" (As part of the the internship before taking the destroyer of the same type "G". Disembarked just before the final voyage), HMCS "Restigouche", "Berwick", "Anson", "Howe", "Belfast", "London", "Hood", "Rodney", "King George V", "Suffolk", "Norfolk", "Queen Elizabeth" and "Formidable".


Such a curiosity so happened that the action against the "Bismarck" Polish cadets were on HMS  "Hood", " Rodney, " King George V "and" Suffolk "and" Norfolk".



The Poles, who went to the bottom of the sea along with the battleship HMS 'Hood "23 May 1941

Warrant Officer  Kazimierz Żurek

Warrant Officer Leon Trzebiatowski-Zmuda

Warrant Officer Kazimierz Szymalski

Warrant Officer Stanisław Czerny


Cześć ich pamięci!



Anecdote about how Poles from HMS "Rodney" wanted to boarding at the German battleship "Bismarck"


The historian Iain Ballantyne while searching for the book about the sinking of the battleship "Bismrack" in talks with surviving sailors who sank the German battleship and their families found a story that repeated only sailors from HMS 'Rodney' and their families on the Polish sailor being on the battleship .


When it is clear that the German battleship no longer escape pursuit and was heavily bombarded. Polish sailors who viewed agonies "Bismarck" descended from the bridge of the ship and disappeared somewhere. Officers and sailors from HMS "Rodney" began to look for them. One of the officers checking the ship's kitchens. What he saw caused a small shock. Armed to the teeth with guns Polish sailors sharpening knives and meat choppers in the kitchen.


When the officer asked them what their guns and knives kuchen. They answered that they want to ask for "Rodney" came as close to the German battleship then made by boarding at the "Bismarck". Because they did not like bombardment already defeated the enemy, and they wanted to take revenge for Polish sailors from HMS 'Hood' and 1939 in the Baltic Sea and want to talk to the captain. Captain of HMS 'Rodney' rejected the request of the Polish warrant, but he was proud of their attitude.

Polish Navy First To Fight 1939      The great small fleet :D