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Questions about items in combat

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Are item abilities like guard from equipment like gauntlets always active in combat or do they have to be activated when gambit or any is rolled?


Is Armor always active on an item? How does Armor work? it states in the rules that it adds to defense but it also states that you cannot take more wounds than your base defense, so what benefit is Armor?

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Armor add direct to your Defense for all items you have equiped.

You only get a wound when your defense including armor is reduced to 0 or below.

The wound then reduce your defense without Armor permanent and if you ever drop to permanent 0 or below Defense without armor included then you char is dead.


All items no matter what slot they are equiped work the same for attack, defense ect.

So you get more flexibility but they don't stack.

Only the vew items that special say "add" stack with other effects but in the beta this is only in some Enchantments and the Helm of the Black Mile.

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Unless their Action is 'Add', you must activate it. So, if you are wearing Gauntlets which have an Action under Gambit, you can choose to use it if you roll a Gambit result.


Regarding Defense, it's as Schwarzbart wrote- it just doesn't help you with Wounds.


Let me know if that answered your questions!

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