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A fruit involving mechanical moving parts


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I'll leave the rewards to the Creators because of the balance.


The remaining exits are to be finished...



A fruit involving mechanical moving parts



The gentle caressing of your throat by snow and molten icicles. This is how you always described the taste of milk.


Sitting in an inn halfway between the Academy and the City you and your friends are enjoying a good cup of ice-cold milk, the perfect drink for the season (for every season). None of you drop a word, you just sit there with a huge smile and white mustaches, enjoying this peaceful moment. Life has been hectic lately in the Academy and you are grateful for these rare moments when




the doors of the inn explode and a mass of people rushes inside. They all wear the same identical white outfits with black tophats, walking canes in their hands.


"Ho ho ho my friends! What a fine day it is, is it not?" - says the one seems to be the leader of the gang.


The sudden and complete silence which fells over the otherwise cheery inn fills your stomach with a very bad feeling. The gang starts to circle around the tables, like vultures over their soon-to-be dinner. You shoot some hidden glances over your friends and the other tables, just to find that everyone seem to find their drinks the most interesting thing in the world. As brave people tend to end up less heroic and more beaten up in real life than in fiction, you too, avoid looking at the white men.


"This symphony of silence...makes me want to play a game..." - says the leader almost shouting through the giggling of the other gang members.


Spinning his cane nonchalantly he starts humming a little tune, something about rain and singing, when all the sudden he stops before your table. Instantly, you feel like you've really just drank icicles and they are coming back to freeze your breathing.


"Lookey my friends at these little students, the future masters of the Art...I can't help myself but to wonder; are they clever or do they lack the smarts?"


You hear @random_male_student@ gulp loudly. Slowly raising your gaze to meet the leader's, your eyes meet the deepest blue you have ever seen. His eyes are like a frozen ocean...they are cold and menacing.


"Now my friends...we are going to play." - he states, while piercing his gaze into your eyes. His commanding voice leaves little room for you to decline.


While still looking at you he slowly takes out what seems to be a lot of cogs and gears and other assorted parts of machinery from a little silk bag on his side.


"Me and my boys are going to get ourselves some drinks," - he says, while the other goons merrily confiscate your drinks - "in the meantime, you will try your best to build me a clockwork orange from these parts here my little sorcerer friend. If you manage to complete this trivial task we are going to pay for all your drinks tonight, however if you fail...my boys will teach you some dance lessons..."


As they seem to like milk very much, you get to work as fast as you can...


skill: N/A

(always succeeds)


You recall your earlier thought about bravery. Maybe you were wrong...maybe it is possible to be a hero! With your heart racing in your throat you take a deep breath then stand up.


"I'm not going to play your stupid game" - you say to the back of the leader - "give us back our drinks and leave us alone!"


The leader slowly turns to face you, then with a huge smile he starts clapping...


In hindsight, you could have used stronger words, and you are pretty sure your shaking voice didn't really help either. Well at least you get a good workout now, you tell yourself as you are being chased back to the Academy by the screaming gang ...


skill: Artifice


Try to assemble the parts together


Success: With a huge bead of sweat forming on your forehead you get to work. After a few minutes of scratching your head and trying to figure out what goes where, you realise that the construct is actually very simple, it's only an elaborate puzzle. Each piece has a clear-cut place and thanks to your finesse in putting things together you manage to assemble the clockwork fruit in minutes.


The leader of the gang looks at you with a proud smile as you hold up the orange in triumph.


"I knew you can do it little friend!" - he then pats you on the back with his cane so hard you start coughing - "Bartender Friend! Drinks on you tonight!"


Failure: With a huge bead of sweat forming on your forehead you get to work. After a few minutes of scratching your head and trying to figure out what goes where, you realise that the construct is actually very simple, it's only an elaborate puzzle. Unfortunately, your skills of putting things together are lacking, and the time pressure doesn't help either. After a few everlasting minutes of panic you manage to achieve nothing.


"This won't be enough my little friend..." - says the leader of the gang looming over you - "I think an old fashioned disciplinary beating would do you fellows some good..."


You look at @random_female_student@'s terrified face and wish you've never came for that milk...you would give up it's soothing taste anyday just to avoid these lunatics...


"I think this is the part where you start running friends..."


They don't need to tell you twice.


skill: Enchant


skill: Persuade

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