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The Dancer's Wand Glitch


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1) The Dancer's Wand from the mystery package doesn't have a image.


2) When in shop mode, clicking on the identified wand cause the mouse to select other item in my inventory instead.


3) After some buying and selling, I somehow ended up with 3 hand slot each holding the dancer wand, but only one effect apply to my char.


4) Clicking on the slot does nothing but after a few more clicking, I somehow duplicated the wand with the shop displaying buying price for both of them when I selected them, and I think my comp crushed after trying to equip the duplicate.


5) Load the game again and #2 still happen, and I don't dare to trigger whatever else.


6) Everything else work fine after that and inventory mode is fine too.


I have the save, but how to send it to you or attach it?

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To replicate #2,

1) Equip the identified wand

2) Select the wand and hold on it for a second

3) Drag it out really quick and if it didn't drag the wand, then you succeed and just need keep holding it and wait 1-4 seconds for the first item to be dragged.


For #3/4

1) Do #2

2) Once you have item one dragged, put the item (your mouse) in the other hand slot.

3) Repeat #2 for more duplicate.

4) Click the sell button to sell the wand.

5) Extra slot with the wands. Profit.




Say hello to the richest student in academagia.

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Did I startle you with the revival of this thread?


Rest assure that I am just reporting the dancer wand image is still not fixed.


I will break your shop next time. *shake fist*

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