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Despite my house status in Vernin, when I found an object in their house (The Mallen Star) while using the action 'explore'... ...I suddenly got the chance to join their group, and got their quest line.

I'd love to give you more information, but shortly after I crashed the game while adding some damage/stress dealing phemes to a hostile spell.

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Okay. They crash after I add the pheme to the spell screen and then hit 'Ok'

Blight + Induce Coma

Blight + Anger Others


In fact any number of phemes that actually 'deal damage' to a foe as an addition to any spell seems to be doing it.

I have a ton of phemes ... So I'm still hunting. IIRC this one did damage and added stress.


If you could name some other damage dealing spells that I could try it with quickly, I'll see how many times I can crash my game in quick succession.


I will note that casting induce coma or anger others without additions works fine.

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