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Shop money glitch


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Finally have time to test of the shop patch and see if I can broke find any more shop glitch.


This is from a new game with the patch 12.


Duplicate Item

1) Click on any item you own

2) Click purchase button to cancel the selection but the counter still retain the item cost

3) Click on any item you own and the counter will increase with the selling cost

4) Repeat 1-3 to add more and sell the items

5) Profits


Edit: I feel bad that you have to delay the patch to fix this shop problem, it would be better if you can put this as low priority and fix it at your own pace. Is not a bad bug...

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We can't reproduce this issue, although perhaps we are not following your steps correctly. For #2- which 'purchase' button are you clicking on, to confirm? 'Purchase All'?


Let me know, and thanks!

Ah, I see the problem. Step one should be 1) Click on any EQUIPPED item you own.


Then any item will work after that.


And yes, purchase all button.

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I have to confess that I'm so going to exploit this if I can replicate it. I'm greedy! Also, it sounds like it causes less weirdness than the other item duplication trick.

Yeah, just try not to equip the duplicate and they don't give extra boost above the original anyway.


More importantly, I find that money is pretty useless in year one with only 1-3 items that worth 900+ pims and that incantation class payment thing that actually worth the purchase, so there isn't much to abuse about.

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