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There might be a way to do this already, but I really need page up/page down functionality with skills, actions, etc. It takes too long to scroll.


It is a great game. However, the scrolling really takes a toll on my enjoyment. Are there keyboard shortcuts that I'm missing?




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Unfortunately, there's no way right now- we investigating using up/down arrow or page up/page down, but the problem came down to which part of the screen was affected. We are considering two additional possibilities:


1) We are working on better classification, so that less information is present on any given screen.

2) We are looking at a combination of Shift or Control + pressing the mouse to control speed of scroll.


...no ETA for these yet, though.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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You guys do have amazing customer service. I'm happy to hear that you are looking into it. Here is a suggestion that I'm sure you have thought of, but it never hurts to mention it.


Add arrows to the interface. For example, right now, on the main skills screen on the left hand side, you have "up" and "down" with little arrows. Let those be scrolling. Then add a bolded arrow that would be page up and page down. On other screens you could add similar arrows, and people would quickly come to understand what they were for.


Anyway, thanks again for responding so quickly. It really is a fun game.

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