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System Error On Game Startup


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Bought the game on Impulse, installed it, and when I start the game, the opening splash screen appears, with the notification "System error occurred. Application will be terminated."


No other error message.


Edit: I'm using Windows 7 64-bit.

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No problem- we think this is related to the UAC issues we've seen previously. The quickest and easiest fix is to do this:


1) Navigate to your Academagia folder and delete the 'Mods' sub-folder, including all contents.

2) Download the latest Patch, and move the 'Mods' folder from it into your Academagia folder. Make sure not to overwrite- you must delete the previous Mods folder.


...this should clear up the issue, and enable you to play.


If not, please let us know, and thanks!

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