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I've been looking through the mod base file, and I have been surprised to see that in many of the "Familiar training" and "Familiar escapade" the target is missing from the expansion orders for some of the sub-entries. This is also true in one of the Heretage ones, under the subclause of "Expand Romance"


Is this normal/fine? How does it know what target to asign it to if the target is empty? Or is this related to the "Default" check?

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I've got a question about targets as well. I've been trying to pull info from the mod file for the wiki, and I've come across some adventures for familiars I'm not sure about. I've seen both of these targets used in successes and failures:


[Familiar]Familiar/Character/Self/Familiar (Default)




The first obviously changes something of the familiar's like you'd expect, but does the second push the change to the PC?

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