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Merit Points Not Earned By Anyone?


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So after updating to patch 21 I have noticed that the NPC students always fail at the "Compete" ability and no merit points are ever earned. In fact the only time the points for any college changes is when it goes into the negative! Did I muck something up by updating or did you all just make it harder to succeed at compete? The last patch I had was 19 and merit points worked then.




Hitting F12 reads "Client v1.2.1.0 Publisher v0.63.3.0; Content 1.0" Also I started a new game after updating.

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No, you haven't done anything wrong- in DLC 4, the Compete Action was altered (accidentally) to remove the automatic Effects which the AI (and you) normally use to win points without needing a good Compete Skill in order to pass the Roll.


We'll change it back in DLC 5, but in the mean time you can use the Patched version of the content (available on the Update page) which corrects the Compete Action. Unfortunately, that will not be able to correct your current game- so the rate of Merit will be different in that one. :)



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