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I was making a mod to reveal common rooms to all appropriate colleges at game start. Last night I published it (cancel scheduled anti-virus scans and the like if you don't want it to take 12 hours) and thought maybe some folks here would be interested. I set it to add visitation rights to each college's specific common room, so it should show up after the first day like classroom discoveries. I haven't had a chance to test it fully yet, but let me know what y'all think.


I think only Aranaz, Godina, and Vernin got access to common rooms on the first day. For some reason Aranaz was the only one out of those three set to inform of the common room instead of add rights from what I saw in the mod tools. If that makes a difference yet I'm not sure since I really have only played Godina so far.




Edit: It seems some DLC content was rolled back when my mod was compiled. I'm guessing it's because the mod base was from an early DLC. One example I was able to find was that my Library of Longshade has been reverted to its old "once a week" self. I haven't been able to recompile again to test my theory, but I only added certain visitation rights on a calendar day. I'll do a quick test once the new mod base is put up.

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