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How to start a Duel?


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I have been playing around & working on maxing my duelling skills. I have a rival (-8) relationship. So I Declare Vendetta on him. I do not get any options, however, the end of day report tells me I have challenged him to a duel.


So, how do I get to duel? There is no option on my menu (that I can see) for Initiate/Start/ Challenge ... a duel. Or is this a bug?


Also (side note), I bought a silk flower bouquet. The item description mentions I can give to another of an opposite gender for a +3 relation bump. How do you give items?


Thanks for any help.

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If I recall correctly, you duel by choosing the new adventure that is unlocked from the declare Vendetta and the name didn't specifically spell it out though, so you will have to guess.


An identified item that can be equipped will have a new ability pop up for you to use in your ability menu or you don't need to equip that item but you have to keep it in your inventory to retain the ability.


If both didn't happen, then the item is bugged and please report it to the bug report section.

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Yes. You can Declare Vendetta by raising your Schoolyard Education to... eight or nine. Once then, you Declare Vendetta, then choose the Duel Adventure. It'll be named something like 'Gentleman's Duel' or, uh, really any combination of words, but the word duel will probably be there.

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