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This is only my first attempt at writing an event for this game and it is a fairly ambitious one. So prepare yourself for a long read.


Part 1

Today you are feeling elated as if someone has cast some sort of happy spell on you.


Walking down the corridor today, with a book in one hand and your wand twirled around the other, you can feel the atmosphere around you in this wonderful school.

You notice the bright sun outside casting a warm glow as you pass the windows, you feel the excitement as the many students in the corridor talk about classes, spells, adventures (whether a success or a failure) and so on.


You are so confident today that you feel as if nothing could go wrong today.


Then you notice a small group of older students (Oan’s age perhaps?) discussing something at the corner of the corridor.


They seem to be whispering and casting very suspicious glances around, almost as if they are looking for the perfect victim for a prank.


Exit 1: Just try another path and ignore what those students are doing.


Fearing what they might do could cause you grievous injuries or worse, you decide to take another, longer path to your destination.

“Are you really such a coward?” you asked yourself while walking down a quieter and warmly-lit corridor. “Yes, yes I am” you answered yourself.

Well fine, you will never know what happens if you took that path but at least you feel safe knowing that it wasn’t you who got hit by the spell those students were going to cast. Poor Philippe.


Exit 2: Observation – What are they doing over there? Study their actions, watch their behaviour, and be wary of them if they are going to cause some trouble.



One of them (with a mop of hair that resembles a nest for a hen) is holding on to his wand in a way that discreetly shows that he is going to cast a spell.


You note the very sly look that occasionally crosses his face when he looks in your general direction.


You better be careful as you pass them, because you MIGHT become a victim of his spell.


Result: Observation +1, Chance of Success increase, (Proceed to part 2)




You tried hard, really you did, but with all the people moving about you can’t really discern anything about that group of students.


The most you could see is the student with a head of hair that reminds you of that nest in the tree, the one with baby birds in it, smell and all.


You might as well try your luck and walk along the corridor.


Result: (Proceed to part 3)


Exit 3: Gossip – What have you heard about during these last few days?



You have been keeping your ears open and have picked up on the latest gossips and secret news that have been passed between students.


You heard about that special rock Zorzi had found when he tripped in the rimbal field and also about Professor Knoht’s latest attempts to improve herself, which was unsuccessful.


Oh and recently these students have created some sort of spell in order to pull a prank on random 1st year students.


You better watch yourself.


Result: (Proceed to part 2), Listen +1 <-- is this right?



Let’s see. Joana Lio y Rossollo has been bullying some random student AGAIN; Irene Oxina has been keeping an eye on Vettor Conta….


Nope, you haven’t heard anything about some older students doing something horrible to other students


Well maybe there is nothing to worry about.


Result: (Proceed to part 3)


Part 2

Steady now, don’t make eye contact with them, don’t make any sudden moves and certainly don’t say out loud “I know what you are doing” to them.

As you walk around the corner with the feeling of the warm sun on your neck, you start to feel anxious and that feeling is replace with an itch that you just want to scratch; you have to quickly decide on what to do just in case they hit you with the spell.


Exit 1: Pure Luck – Just keep walking, you feel confident (and lucky) that the spell will miss you in this large crowd of people


Success: (Proceed to Part 2a)




You continue your walk while looking like you are in deep concentration, thinking about how to solve that question, how to cast that spell and why was @Random Professor@ looking so sad. Actually you are thinking of when the spell would actually hit you.


Which happens to be now as the spell hits you with a tingling feeling.


Result: (Proceed to Part 3)



Exit 2: Danger Sense or Awareness – Be ready, you seem to be the only 1st year student who is in their immediate sights.



You can feel it, you know it; you can feel the danger as it approaches you. Dodge the spell quick!


Result: Unlocks Exit 3, Feeling Alert




You know it is coming, you know it is coming, you know it is……never mind, you realised that the spell has hit you as you feel goose bumps crawling along your skin that you thought was out of fear.


Result: (Proceed to Part 3)


Exit 3: Athletics


Success: You are incredible. You spot the gaps that you can squeeze into, you managed to manoeuvre nimbly and…


Result: (Proceed to Part 2a), Acrobatics +1




You try your best to move around but unfortunately you were not fast enough. You realised that as soon as you registered the feeling of a spell hitting you.


Result: (Proceed to Part 3)


Part 2a


Suddenly you see the spell flying over your head and hits…Philippe Marchant!!


YES! The spell missed you!


Err…wait, you mean “Poor Philippe” as he screams in embarrassment and runs away wearing nothing more than his underwear and socks. And look, he dropped a wand he was playing around with.


Result: Feeling Confident, Gain Random Wand


Part 3


Your eyes are closed but you just don’t feel anything happening to yourself.


Your arms aren’t stretching to a ridiculous length, you don’t feel as though you are on fire, you don’t feel like running around and spitting in people’s face, you don’t feel yourself growing three tails, a beak and an extra head. You don’t feel any physical changes at all…except for a slight chill in the air.


Hang on. You can see your arms that are normally hidden by the sleeves of your robe, and you can see your socks that are normally hidden by your shoes. You can see most of yourself that are normally hidden by clothing.


Yes, you are standing in a corridor filled with people on all sides who are now staring, pointing, and laughing at you because YOU are making a fool of yourself standing there in your underclothes.



Exit 1: Running – Get out of there quickly!




Trying to cover as much as you can with your book, you run as quickly as a well trained stallion. Of course, your motivation is to just get to your room as quickly as possible to put some clothes on without letting your closes friends see you and humiliate you for the rest of the year.


Result: Stress +2, Feeling Embarrassed, Running +1



Covering your face you run as fast as feet would allow as your socks made the floor feel slippery. You only ran a short distance until you fell flat on your face with everyone laughing, making you feel as though everyone in the world has seen you in this very embarrassing state.


But it was only the entire school that have heard of this incident and less than half of that who saw you in your very embarrassing state. Which is still a lot of people.


Result: Stress +3, Feeling Embarrassed, Vitality -1, Chance of Success decreased


Exit 2: Voice – Shout at the top of your lungs, maybe if you are lucky somebody will come to your aid.



While covering yourself, you decided that the best course of action is to shout for help.


And who better to help than @Random Professor@.


With just one look the professor identifies the jokers and orders them to reverse the spell.


Unfortunately they don’t know how to reverse the spell and the professor can’t identify the spell and fears that trying to remove it may cause it to be worse.


Your face freezes in a very comical expression.


The professor decides to give you something to cover up and leads you back to your room. He/ She promises to punish these jokers in a very fitting manner.


But you can’t enjoy that thought right now as a hundred pairs of eyes are following you. And the look on your face was just priceless.


Result: Stress +1, Feeling embarrassed, Chance of Success increase, Voice +1, Relationship +1 with @Random Professor@



Hearing you shout out for help, the pranksters (and most of the students in the area) quickly scramble and ran down the corridor before @Random Professor@ finally shows up and find you shouting like a loon, which you currently look like.


The professor quickly shuts you up and demands that you put your clothes back on.


You explain your situation as best you can (by stumbling and stammering over some of the words) and eventually the professor takes pity on you. He/She leads you back to your room and gives warning stares to students who look at you.


But you will still have to live this day down as one of your most embarrassing moments in your young life.


Result: Stress +1, Feeling Embarrassed, Chance of Discovery increase.


And that’s it. So please offer some constructive advice for me as English is not my native language.

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