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The tale of Joe Smiley....


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Good evening everyone!


If this has been done before I'm sorry, but just a little while ago, I created a new character, his name is Joe Smiley... and in a nutshell, he is about as useless as you can get! I've purposely gimped this poor little unfortunate fellow in an effort to see how the game plays out when you come in with the deck stacked against you...or at least with nothing to your benefit.


Heres poor little Joe's starting profile...


Name: Joe Smiley


College: Avila (This seemed a natural choice since he wants to know why the heavens seem alligned against him)










Starting Stats 1....for everything


Background(s): Blacksheep (even his mom and dad think he sucks) Bad Luck Magnete (apparently... the Gods think he sucks too...)


Familliar: Ingenevine (the wonder porcupine, who will swat him with her spikes if he gets to close...she doesn't really like him either).


I'm going to try and write a small blurb at the end of every game week to post Joe's progress...or lack there of. Hopefully it will make for interesting reading. I hope you enjoy it. Off to play for a few....hours maybe? Will post his weekly updates later on after tonights session.



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This is a bit of a long read but here is the results after tonights play session (will post more detailed Stat updates before next session)





The Tale of Joe Smiley




GET OUTTA HERE YOU USELESS LITTLE GIT!!! Was the last thing I heard from my mother before she kicked me out the door and threw me on the boat to head off to school. I heard the cork on a bottle pop and glasses clanked as my "going away party" (which I wasn't invited to) kicked off. Apparently my family had been waiting a long time to get rid of me. They always said the hoh crap out in our farm yard had more uses thdn me. I thought the Acadamagia only took "the very best" if thats the case...why did they take me? The rumor mill said my family paid off someone to be rid of me....they must have paid a small fortune....



Athonos Week 1


No sooner did I take my first step straight off the boat, when the blasted things sails let go and sent it flying towards a crowd on the docks! I grabbed the thing and tried to tie it off safely, but it simply ripped me off the ground and threw me into some barrels. They had to carry me to Acadamagia…and my very first day was spend on my back in the infirmary. *sighs*


This morning before before the second day of class, I headed into town to buy a few supplies I had forgotten, when a thief stole a woman’s purse in the market square, I tackled him to the ground!!!…..and then he stood up and beat me like a rented a mule… before a hook to the jaw knocked me out…. Day two in the infirmary…


Athonos Week 2


Blasted this place is going to be the bloody death of me! It seems almost everyday I either get beaten up by someone, or -something-. I somehow got trapped into one of my classrooms today and in a panic, broke down the door to escape… did I mention I nearly broke my shoulder doing it?


If I don’t start to get myself into better shape, I’m going to spend all my time in the stupid infirmary! I’ve started to run a little bit, both in my spare time and well…. From whatever happens to be chasing me! I feel a little better as result of it.


I also stumbled upon some of the schools many theatre’s and have been spending some time there. It’s interesting… and seems safe, at least nobody has tried to kick me out yet…


( Plus 1 Fitness)


Athonos Week 3


Dare I say this week was….uneventful? Spending most of my time either hanging around with the actors and musicians, studying, or exploring the grounds of the school father. Dare I say I’m actually starting to like it here….


Athonos Week 4


Today, perhaps the only girl who is considered stranger and more useless then me sat down at my table and demanded I help her steal filthy napkins! Everyone was laughing at me (they usually do that anyways) but I don’t need to offer them any more encouragement! Ha! It seems my time spent with the actors was well spent! I jumped on the table and distracted everyone while Rixenda went about her…. Filthy business. At least it got her away from me…though I suppose, she kind of cute. OH MY GOD?? Did I just say that. Arrrrgghhhhh, never mind!!!


Seems my little theatrical display paid off! I was asked later on in the week to help with a -real- performance! Everything was going great until one of our leads fumbled his line. No big deal, I just fed him his lines and got things back on track, it was a roaring success…


Pramidi Week 1


I’m sick of always getting the crap beaten out of me, so I’ve been hitting the ring and the gym! I feel pretty damned good right now. I’m starting out next week in detention. I went exploring in Mineta and of course another kid ratted me out. Lucky for him I don’t know who it was, if I did, I might just whip his butt the next time I see him…


Pramidi Week 2


Seems all this working out has benefits as well! Today I helped that Magalda girl hang a rimball banner. It was easy really. And get this she ask me to come and find her if I need any help with anything. I didn’t think she even knew I existed before this…


Pramidi Week 3


What a boring week. I spend most of it trying to observe the other students… and make friends with Magalda, that got me nowhere as I should have guessed. I’m a loser, a stupid loser! At least that’s what my mother used to always call me. I’m not even a Rimball player. I should have known better. Whatever, I don’t even care…


Pramidi Wee4


I’ve spend the better part of this week in class and studying, like I should be doing, I’m getting behind anyways… everything was going well, until Magalda came up and asked me to help her set two people up…and of course, like a fool, I simply couldn’t say no to her, so now I’m roped into this…


Funny how things do. Perhaps I’m not so bad after all, and perhaps Magalda is just a useless silly tart. While I was in my room working on her stupid forged notes, I managed to strike up a conversation with a Irene Oxina, and we’ve been fast friends ever since. Magalda can kiss my worthless butt!


Also spend the better part of the day exploring the real meaning behind the dance of fools with Durand. It was a fun day. Maybe people aren’t so bad after all.


(Plus 1 Charm)


Gelamenus Week 1


A slow week of study and exploration, minor discoveries and minor advancements have been made. I’m struggling in my classes, perhaps I’m just not talented enough to be here? Been hitting the books as hard as I can, hopefully it will be enough.


Gelamenus Week 2


A fine week of progress indeed. I feel good, all this working out has left me feeling fitter and stronger. Two weeks until mid terms are here, and while I feel a bit better about them, I still worry that I’m going to end up at the bottom on my class…


(Plus 1 Fitness Plus 1 Strength)


Gelamenus Week 3


Study study study is all I can really think about this week despite Irene’s insistence that we hang out. She is a -very- protective girl it seems. I wonder why? I plan on spending a lot more time with her and Ingenevine once this mid term nonsense is over. Both have been good friends to me, and both have been neglected by me… someone like me can’t afford to do that….


Gelamenus Week 4


The week has come to an end, and I suppose I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Calligraphy is up first, and while I’m not the greatest student, I think I have the theory part pretty well covered at least, I can’t wait to get this week over with.


Cheimare Week 1


Dear lord, the Calligraphy exam did NOT go well, my worst fears where confirmed. My score of 27 puts me right at the bottom of my class, well actually second from the bottom. Only one other score was worse then mine. I guess I am just going to have to try harder. Mom was right… the pig crap out in our farm yard has more use then me…. Botany is up next…. followed by Geometry….


Botany wasn’t much better, a 34 puts me somewhere around the lower middle part of the class. It could be worse I suppose….


Geometry was a dismal 26, right at the bottom of the class. At least this week is over….I need to go and hit the ring… I REALLY want to hit someone, or something right about now….


Cheimare Week 2


Took the Athletics test this week and scored a 90... Only one other guy, Vincent Eins, scored higher then myself, with a 92. Looks like this is the only class I’m gonna beat Irene in all year...


Cheimare Week 3


Urgggghhhhh, a score of 20 on the arithmetic exam!!! As much as I’m sad to say I scored so low, I’m happy to say that a number of other students scored lower. A 40 in Astrology wasn’t so hot either, there were a LOT of high scores in that class.


On the bright side of things, I’ve found a place called “The Library of the Mantle of the Stars”, and while I’m technically not suppose to be there, in has proved a great help with me becoming more adept at the subject.


I’ve also agreed to Help Irene with some “secret” project she is working on… I wonder what that might be….

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Been a while since I had a chance to play, but I'm still slugging it out with Joe. I must say I've grown pretty attached to this little loser. I'm going to post his current Stats and Skills sometime soon. Below is a list of the weeks play entries I managed to get done.

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Cheimare Week 4


What to say about this week, I feel a bit confused, and some strange things have happened to me. I spent most of the week either in class, or exploring the sights and wonders of the city, and surrounding areas. One night in a far off corner of the Imperial Library I came across a book, and very strange book indeed, which dealt mainly with the phemes uses for something called “Gates Magic”….whatever could that be? I will look into this more I’m sure….


Hionosi Week 1


The new year starts off with a letter from my ….dear mother. It reads as follows


Hey there moron!


As to be expected the school contacted us to tell us of your piss poor performance. No surprise to any of us that you are at the bottom of your classes. You always have been a loser Joe, and that’s never going to change! Don’t expect any tuition money from us either you little maggot! You’ve cost us enough money as it is! And don’t bother showing your face around here after you flunk out, we finally have some peace and quiet now that you’re gone… we intend to keep in that way.




A wonderful start to the new year I must say…. I have spent all week pouring over the book of “Gates” Phemes that I found and have pretty good mastery over it. Hours spend pouring over books in the Imperial Grand Library have resulted in nothing. I’d love to find more info on this school of magic….and why the Profs never mention it. Is it REALLY so dangerous???


Hionosi Week 2


I’ve pretty much mastered that Gates book, and while study at the Imperial Library has taught me a myriad of other things… I can find no other evidence that Gates magic even exists. Perhaps it’s just time to move onto other things…like, no flunking out. Ya, that would be good…


Hionosi Week 3


Starting to feel a little bit tired as the year drags on, finding it harder and harder to stay focused. Maybe it’s time to take break from all this hectic study, and running around the fields like a fool….I really wish there where more hours in the day.

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