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Dissatisfied with Spoon Purchase


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So after hearing about this game on rockpapershotgun.com, I decided to give the demo a shot. Despite what I felt was a woefully short experience, especially in light of the mass text the game begins with, I saw enough potential in the game that when prompted, I purchased the full version. And at first, I was quite pleased. Confused, but I kept seeing more and more of that potential. I came to these forums for some advice, and began to see some inconsistencies with what I was seeing on the wiki and in various topics, and what was in my game. Turned out I needed to patch. But, I couldn't. Apparently, that prompt I saw was not in fact to purchase the game, but to receive access to the browser-bound, out of date Spoon version.


As a matter of personal preference, I would MUCH rather have the actual program myself rather than a cloud-version. I can live with that, however. The slow patches are more of an issue. Also, as of today, I guess they actually did update, as they've changed the single DLC available (aren't there five or six?) and deleted all my saves. I used the Spoon support submission form to look for a refund or some kind of version exchange, but so far I've heard nothing back. My original purchase was on Friday, the 11th, and I sent my request the following day. I could try again, but I thought it better to check here first. Is there any way in which I could get the version of the game I actually want? I've been getting more and more into it, and I'm particularly excited to see where you guys go in the future, as again, the potential seems limitless. Unfortunately, I feel as though I've been deceived coming out of the demo and sold an inferior version of the product.



Thanks for hearing me out.

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Sure! Unfortunately, that is the issue with the cloud version- we do update very frequently. Spoon plans to update their site with new advisory copy, so that people more easily understand it is the cloud version.


Right now, Spoon is updated to the current DLC, but they do not track the code Patches, so they will always be a little behind.


I believe that they have offered refunds in the past, so I believe that they will work with you- my suggestion is that you contact them again (they may have felt that the update answered your concerns, and dropped the ticket.)



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