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I have played RPG’s since 92 and I honestly can say you have one of the best formulas around.


1, Roleplaying elements – Very Rare these days, and they are abundant here!

2, Replayability, to a high degree. This encompasses your game in so many ways, keep expanding it and well you've outdone almost any game on the market.

3, Listening to Fans with genuine ideas or suggestions, rare, appreciated and done in a mature way which is so, so rare :). (This becomes harder to maintain as you grow)

4, Mod Support, if you nurture this you are on to winner but it takes time and effort. Nurture in my opinion meaning removing the occasional bad element (personal attacks), as much as encouraging the good (creativity) with tools or advice.

5, So many choices! So much to do, I am loving having to choose and think about spending my time in the best way as well as consequences. I would perhaps encourage more consequences from events, but that is like asking for more of a good thing!


My honest opinions are the game is top class but it is too short being only one year. There are many many shorter games, what I mean is it is too short to feel like you accomplished enough of what is on offer, a very good feeling in wanting more XD. If year two will extend upon year one and let us import the saves, then you have a perfect product; keep adding 10 or 20 dollar years and then even an after school experience, it is WELL worth the money for the same kind of game. This is because it feels like you can keep your character moving forward, improving rather than restarting each year!


So that brings me to the big two questions, with a third one for curositiy!


1, Will we be playing through the same characters, keeping the same NPC characters through all games – This is your biggest ace in the hole :), and I hope my NPC friends and enemies import into the next save, even if they are just a small part of it. That person who bullied me in year one, might become my long term nemesis in year 2! That person who was always picked on, the NPC I helped out all the time, in year 2 might become my lifelong companion.


2, Will mods work with both versions? So if someone mods an event in for year one, with the full game that year one event will still trigger in year one? Again I guess I am hoping for one long game, which I can play from start to finish, even if this means importing saves to the year two game.


3, Will the maturity of the games material develop based on the age of the characters?


You have redefined the text based genre, I thought it was dead but you have taken it by the horns and made something great :D


I would ask if you have considered pratchetts work in you design or DLC decisions? If you have, take a peek at the discworld mud game. The city of ankh morpork specifically, the unseen university has some interesting tidbits for ideas XD, a library where you get lost, spells with their own intent, an alchemist guild which explodes, those kind of things and many more from his books. The discworld mud is a text based experience, with many, many years of development, which you might be able to take interesting ideas from. Then however, why stop at just a wizard guild, when the assassin, priest, witches and thieves guild could hold so much promise and perhaps so many quests!

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Thanks for the comments! We also felt keenly a lack of real role-playing on the market. :)


For your questions:


1) Yes, everything carries forward into Year 2: all your Relationships, stats, possessions, etc. It's definitely the case that how you have interacted with your friends and enemies in Year 1 will have a large impact in Year 2.


2) We *plan* for mods to carry forward, but I can't confirm this yet.


3) Indeed, yes. The game will mature to each year, and subjects typically dealt with at that age. For romance, that won't be introduced until Year 4-ish, but increasing options for it will appear in all previous years. There are some hidden mechanics for it in Year 1, in fact.


...we love Pratchett- in fact, a copy of Equal Rites is sitting next to me as I type this! I haven't looked at the MUD game, though, thanks for the tip. ;)

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