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Help Me Excel: Bard


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Hello everyone,


I wanted to give my bardic character a second go. My first year with the character was mostly a learning experience.


For this archetype, the character wants to specialize in traditionally bard-oriented skills. This would be mainly Music, Social, History/Knowledge


I feel that Intuition and Charisma are the primary attributes for this character. Finesse and Intelligence would be secondary, and Luck, Strength, and Fitness would be tertiary.


College: What one is the most thematic for this archetype? Godina?


Classes: Music, Glamour, Dialetic, ? , ? , ?


Skills: Music, Aesthetics, Gossip, Dialetic, Grammer, and Glamour are the primary skills for this character.


Backgrounds: Exploits: Town Pagent, Prodigy: Center of Attention, and Academy: Vihuela School of Music and Magic.


Friends: Emilia Picotti, Silke Niederstatter, and ?


Items: ?


Adventures: ?


General Gameplay Strategy: ?

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Grammar, Music, Glamour, History and Rhetoric would be the Class Skills of my choise but Dialectic is no skill for a Bard in my opinion

Just from this Skill set and I would chose Hedi as College.

A full training in Beguile is also needed and Heraldry is beside Aestetics your way to the people where you can realy earn your money (or lose your head if your bad in them).

Dont forget Art for Dance and Music Theory.


Edit: I dont think the Background Vihuela School of Music and Magic is wort the points for this char bether choose a nice Familiar instead (dog or cat).



If you choose Music as class skill dont miss the time to start the Master of Music class Adventures, if you dont start it within the first vew weeks its probably to late and it fanish for good


if your Music Prof. ask for help you for sure should find the time to go on his adventure the final reward my not realy wort it but the instrument you get on the way to this is a nice to have for a bard.


Oh and I heared that the Violine is curent Prof Chastellain's favorite instrument.

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Bard is also a:


- Song writer (Calligraphy, Drafting, Famous Songs, Famous Poetry, all music instrument, Ink Compounds, Innuendo, Listen, Memory, music, Music Theory, Notation, Syntax )


- Great Storyteller (storytelling, acting, Bassan, Elumian, Beguile, Merilien, Mimicry, Language, Bluff, Civil, Confidence, Conversation, Dialectic, Diction, Gossip, Intrigue, Passion, Practical Jokes, Rhetoric, Satyric Revelry, Society, Tease, Voice )


- Master of lore (Art Appreciation, little Bookbinding/Filing/Forms/Library Knowledge/Research , Famous Battles, Famous Battles, Famous Speeches , Famous Prose, history, Journalism)


Some skill also works for the other build, but I won't repeat it for easy reading. You just filter it however you like, and remember you have five years to learn all these.

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For this archetype, the character wants to specialize in traditionally bard-oriented skills. This would be mainly Music, Social, History/Knowledge


Hmm... by "traditionally bard-oriented skills" do you mean historical bards, RPG bards, or both? The answer to this would make appreciable differences in what I'd recommend.


For example, if you want something that conforms with most RPG conceptions of bards, you'd probably want (in addition to most of the skill-sets recommended by Schwarzbart and Nyaa)some Blackmail (probably with Memorization maxed), Espionage, Explore (to me Cartographer is something any wandering musician and storyteller would pickup sooner or later), Flawless Timing, at least a few levels in Sleight-of-Hand (especially Acrobatics) and Spy (especially Hide and Lie). Furthermore, Enspell might be a second magical discipline you'd want to prioritize, as well as a bit of Revision and Incantation to round things out.



On a related note, you might want to get plot up to level 3 for the "Seeds of Doubt" spell, a very bardic spell IMHO.



In any case, I second Schwarzbart's suggestion Hedi would probably be the best, although I think most colleges would be workable.


As for general gameplay strategy, the obvious choice would be gregarious performer who uses charm, magic, music, and perhaps wit to handle any challenges they face. However, if you want a twist you could play an introverted virtuoso who mainly connects to others through their music, stories, and poetry and is socially inept with most people in situations not involving such things (this of course would make most of the "people skills" a lot less important).

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Godina is more of a "I AM POWERFUL" college, and the two compulsory subjects besides Music are Incantations and Athletics.

These two subjects lean toward a "Battlemage" theme instead.


Hedi is probably more thematic for bards, if you like charming bards - Hedi is all about Glamours and Rheotric, both of which are pretty suitable for a social bard. They also have to study Grammar, which, um, make sure your poems and songs won't be interrupted by annoying Grammar Police?


Aranaz is not very thematic (they are a ambitious bunch), but their compulsory (Caligraphy and History) are good for a lorekeeper-style bard.

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