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After a very long time (I'm not sure how long) absent from the forums, I have returned.

Ok, I am starting to sound like a boastful person but exams are always important. What's worse is that I haven't even played DLC 8 yet.

And so I present to you another short event. Enjoy

On this bright sunny day you decided to take a swim in that lake you found when you were out looking for mushrooms to eat because you missed lunch because of a prank by Vettor Conta because you accidentally drop a bag of itching powder down his robes because he shot cold water at your face when you nearly fell a sleep in class because you were doing something sneaky to a certain student and not telling him about it.


Once you reach the beautiful lake, you take a moment to enjoy the sight. As the wind blows gently in the air, the trees sway so hypnotically that you feel all your troubles float away at that moment. And as you close your eyes for a moment you hear the winds and animals around this lake making some noises as though they were having fun, even the fishes are splashing happily.


*Splash*, "Ha ha"


Hang on, that did not sound like a fish, maybe it's a talking fish?


Turning your head ever so slightly to the left, you see a head of brown hair moving around in the water.


"Vettor Conta" you said, to no one in particular.


So what are you going to do now?





Exit 1:Just have fun with him.


Automatic Success


After calling out to Vettor and waving to him you quickly change into your swimsuit and join him in the cool and inviting water.


When the day has ended you feel more relaxed and your relationship with the prankster has increased. Plus he even showed you a neat trick that involves an exploding inkwell.

Result: -1 Stress, +1 Relationship to Vettor Conta, +1 Practical Jokes






Exit 2:Practical Jokes


Let's play with him




That lake looks very nice and cool, you wonder what happens if you just chill it a little more.


Aiming your wand at the water around Vettor you cast a spell that nearly freezes the water. As Vettor runs out of the water in his underwear you try hard not to laugh out loud. When he tries to swim in the lake again you really spooked him by freezing up parts of the lake.


Over the next few days you keep hearing about the rumours of a cursed lake thatscares off anyone who tries to swim in it.


Result:-2 Stress, +1 Practical Jokes, +1 Incantation Methods






Vettor looks so relaxed swimming in the lake, wonder what happens if you spook him a little.


As Vettor runs out of the freezing water in his underwear you laugh your guts out thinking of the silly stories he will tell.


As you swim in the slightly chilly lake after Vettor has left you suddenly hear some strange gushing noises. Looking around you spot some sort of monster made entirely out of water and is staring at you, looking very hungry.


Running through the forest to a safe area with your clothes in your hands you could have sworn you heard giggling.


Result:+1 Stress, +1 Incantation Spells, Temporary +1 Awareness






Investigation 1:


Pre-requisite:Relationship with Vettor = Lower than -2


Remember all the "nice" things he has done to you?


Automatic success:


Let's see here. Vettor, alone at a lake, no one around, and him without his wand at his side. Maybe it is time you pay him back for all those fun times.


Sweet vengeance here you come.


Result: Unlocks Exit: Bully, Exit: Traps /Move Silently / Running / Planning / Tease






Exit 3:Bully


Wonder what Vettor can do for you.


Making your way down to Vettor's stuff under a shady tree, you bundle up his belongings and loudly shout out "HEY VETTOR, LOOK WHAT I HAVE".


You offer Vettor a way out of this potentially embarrassing situation by offering him a few choices or he can just make his way back to the academy with your guarantee that it will be the most embarrassing thing he has even done.


The horrified look on his face is definitely worth it.


Exit 3A: Blackmail / Charm vs. 5


Make him pay…preferably with money.


By withholding his clothes for over half of the journey back to the academy you managed to keep Vettor in check until he pays up or you tell any students you meet on how you came across Vettor in his current situation.

And as expected, Vettor grudgingly gives you his money and you leave with a smile on your face. Remember the exploding soup?


Result:Player Character: +1 Logic, +100 Pims, -1 Ethics


Vettor Conta: -1 Vitality, add Emotion: Embarrassment


Exit 3B: Practical Jokes / Lie vs. 7


Pre-requisite:Lowest relationship with any student other than Vettor Conta


Wonder how your rival is doing at themoment?


Yo utell Vettor that you will give him back his clothes but only if he helps you prank your rival @Student Name@.


Vettor eagerly agrees but you withhold his wand until you both found your rival. Using the most interesting combination of water, paint, ink, a vase and a rat, @Student Name@ looks like a multi-coloured walking statue speaking words that are most definitely not taught by any schools.


When a professor asked or rather interrogated all the students in the vicinity you managed to get away by claming that you had just arrived as the incident happened. Unsurprisingly, the professor believes you.


Results: +1 Practical Jokes, +1 Confidence, -1 Ethics, add Emotion: Bon Vivant




Failure (For both exits):


Planning to have a little fun with Vettor you run off with his things.

But it looks like you really need to cut down on the puddings as you find yourself face down on the ground. By sheer strength Vettor manages to put on his clothes while holding you down on the ground, and even steals your wand.

You are beginning to feel very stupid as you pay Vettor to have your wand back. Especially when you are smelling of mud and something much more disturbing.

Results: -1 Vitality, +1 Stress, -20 Pims






Exit 4:Traps/ Move Silently/ Running / Planning / Tease vs. 22


Pre-requisite:Relationship with Vettor Conta = Lower than -5




After running through your plan again and again in your head you decided to executeyour elaborate plan to humiliate Vettor.


Finishing some initial preparations you proceed to take Vettor's belongings in full view of him. After staring in silence he then runs after you as you walk away.


Running along your pre-determined path you smile as you hear Vettor falling into a small pool of mud. As you slowed down enough for Vettor to catch up to you, he immediately trips and nearly falls into a small pit filled with some creepy but ultimately harmless insects.


As Vettor starts to slow down you tease him on how you will tell EVERYONE will hear about this interesting event and how easy it was to trick him. This may seem mean in hindsight but you still remember the TIMES you woke up in a soaking bed and got stuck with the embarrassing and unoriginal nickname "Bed-wetting Baby"


Finally you manage to lure Vettor to the rimbal fields where you knew that many of your friends and Vettor's are practicing.


From that moment on, everyone knows about your talent and you know how long people can laugh at the embarrassment of another person.

Sweet, sweet vengence. So delicious, like a nice little pudding.



Player Character:


+1 Running, +1 Confidence, add Emotion:Elation and Bon Vivant, +1 relationship with Rui da Casga, -2 Ethics, +25 % Chance of discovery for 1(One) week, - 2 relationship with Vettor Conta


Vettor Conta: +3 Stress, add Emotion:Embarrassment






After thinking through your plan, you proceed to sneak down to Vettor Conta's belongings. As you run away with his things you begin to think on how you can humiliate Vettor further.


But when you turn around to look you don't see Vettor.


Curious, you walk back to the lake to see if he was still there. As you approach the lake you get sprayed in the face with so much water and mud that you drop Vettor's stuff.


As he runs off with his belongings you are left covered in so much mud that you had to take off your clothes and clean them by the lake. While cleaning you really wished that the academy had taught some useful spells like "Clean mud off your clothes".


Well at least it can't get any worse.




Result:Player Character: +1 Stress


Vettor Conta: Increase Hostile action for 1 (One) week





Personal questions:

  1. Which table in the Mod tools control the probability of NPC's play pranks / bully you?
  2. Do they wear swimsuits during this age in the world of Academagia?

As usual, opinions are always welcomed.

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I like how you can play nice with the default exit without getting any penalty.

I am stuck with exam too, this makes me want to splash water around :(


Sweet, sweet vengence. So delicious, like a nice little pudding.

:o I am currently reserved by a black cat. You will have to find some other pudding!

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