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Classroom Disturbance


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Hello again! Here is another event and, just as I promised before, featuring Gremlins! Enjoy it for whatever reasons because it is fun to read and imagine, and embarrassing Philippe once more.


Although I didn't expect DLC 11 to come out so fast since I haven't finish DLC 10 yet. dry.gif


Anyways on with the reading. And any suggestions are always welcomed.




Pre-requisite: Zoology class


Another day comes another chance to see all sorts of creatures in Zoology class. That is the reason you chose it after all. Of course, cute and fuzzy doesn't always mean harmless and huggable, as Professor Pachait usually points out. And so on your way to class you and a couple of classmates remind each other about the various precautions set by the professor to prevent accidents after the Lambert Cobo incident. Fire lizards and fabrics do not mix well.


Half way there you hear the sounds of various animals calling out. Nothing to worry about. When you are about a dozen steps there you and your friends hear the crashing of tables and chairs on the floor. And also the screams of students. Cautiously, you open the door to see ...


Gremlins, these mischievous creatures have a very bad sense of humour. What is worse is that this particular breed has a penchant to cause chaos and then combine the debris into works of art. Crude art.


"Please, don't hurt them. They're only children." You look down and see an elderly gremlin begging the students,who are clearly the ones getting hurt as Ana Flavia Bessia runs pass you with a gremlin tugging her hair and a gerbil in his free hand.


"No, don't harm them please", the elder gremlin pleads as he sees you standing there, "a boy stole their cookies and now they are acting out of rage." There is definitely no need to find out who stole the cookies as you see Philippe Marchant under a pile of gremlins. One of his shoes flies toward your face.


You turn around to try and find a professor but the door is suddenly locked from the outside. Better hurry and do something before you get hurt.




Exit 1: Seeking Friends in Hidden Places


If humans can't help you then the animals can.




Horses! Cows! Chickens! Lend me your aid!


Unfortunately, the animals ignore your plead as the small ones are being harassed by the gremlins, the medium ones being ridden by the gremlins and the larger ones are ignored by everyone. Even as you try to save some of the animals in hopes of getting them to join you, the gremlins are too much.


As a trio of gremlins jump onto you, causing you to get a painful bump on the head, a glamour spell flies into the room and sure enough everyone starts to fall asleep. From the corner of your closing eyes you could see the elder gremlin thanking Professor Pachait.


When everyone finally wakes up the professor wants everyone to write an essay on "What To Do When Monsters Attack." Typical. Not even the sight of Philippe wearing curtains around his waist can lighten your headache.


Result:-1 Vitality, +1 Courage




Sabre tooth cats! Timber wolves! Messenger owls! What more can you ask for?


Helping some of the animals has encouraged your other students to do the same. Soon, the animals turn on the gremlins and herd them through sheer intimidation. The gremlins, starting to see how bad the situation is, begin to crowd in the middle of the room, some panicking and some sobbing.


As the animals start to close in on the gremlins and many more students pulling out their wands, the elder gremlin rushes to the middle and begs everyone to let them go. If Professor Pachait didn't come in at that exact moment who knows what might have happened.


With the gremlins start to leave in a single file, the elder gremlin thanks you for your quick thinking. Hearing that, the students and also Professor Pachait praises you.


Animals. A kid's best friend.



Result:+5 Merit, +1 Confidence


Exit2: Glamour Methods


Naughty children should behave.




As you try to cast a spell to calm the gremlins, a cat jumps onto your head and mess up your casting. After you shooed the cat you try again, and a chair nearly crashes into you. Trying AGAIN to cast the spell, this time as quickly as possible, you may have mistaken a pheme as the spell just causes the gremlins to act much more aggressively. This time a table flies towards your head.


As you dodge to one side you bump into a very muscular gremlin who glares at you with menacing glee. Oh gods please no.


The gremlin is surprisingly agile as you find your self slapping every part of your body the gremlin climbs onto. A few minutes seem like days as the gremlin keeps putting snails, frogs and all sorts of insects into your clothes. Most unsanitary.


A glamour spell flies into the room and very quickly all the young gremlins fall asleep. A group of senior students then appear and carry away the young gremlins as the elder one thanks Professor Pachait. When the gremlins have gone, the professor has Vettor pass a large cloak to the boy shivering behind the potted plant, then has everyone sit down at their desk and write an essay entitled "Safety Precautions: Why You Should Practice Your Spells." Of course.


Result:+2 Stress, +1 Study Habits




The best atmosphere to cast a spell is with calm winds blowing and a nice clearing away from the noises of humanity.This room is the exact opposite of all that. Nevertheless, you have to try as knives start pinning your robes to the wall. Who knew gremlins could be such great marksmen.


Staring into the eyes of a very cute looking gremlin holding swords in his hands, you shout out "Ha" (Legend of Zelda, anyone?) dramatically and quickly draw the phemes before the gremlin could do more than react. As the spell hits the middle of the room, the gremlins begin to slow down to a crawl but not fall asleep. That is not good.


Or maybe it is as the little gremlins rub their eyes like tired little toddlers and approach the elder gremlin asking if they could go home now. The elder smiles at you as he ushers the last of the little ones out of the room after Professor Pachait unlocks the door. He was even kind enough to drop a gold coin down your pocket when you are still pinned to the wall.


Overall it is a good day, especially since Philippe is shivering underneath a table.


Result:+20 Pims, +1 Concentration


Exit 3: Voice


Feeling tired yet kids?




Taking a deep breath you rush onto the professor's table and sing your favourite lullaby.


It seems that you need more practice under pressure. When you first sing your lullaby, you can barely hear your voice. When you try again and raising your voice, everything sounded strangled and you were shaking all over when the gremlins start to boo at you. Even your classmates were looking at your with a baffled and disapproving look before you were even half way through the song.


When you finish singing, you were booed off the table. How embarrassing. Booed by the half naked kid behind the potted plant is just adding insult to injury.


Well at least the gremlins decided to go home after your "wonderful" performance.


Result:+1 Stress, Emotion: Embarrassment




Making your way to the professor's table, you take a deep breath before climbing on top and sing your heart out.


A lullaby comes to mind as you thought about the best song to calm to gremlin kids. The lyrics come to you easily as you have always cherish the nights when you hear this particular song before drifting into a deep and wonderful sleep. With the comforting lyrics and the soft tone of the song, everyone's attention is instantly directed towards you.


When you finish the song everyone applauses and asks for an encore, except Joana who is giggling at an embarrassed Philippe covering himself using a curtain. Fortunately Professor Pachait comes into the room as you climb down the desk.


When the gremlins have gone, everybody congratulates you for your wonderful performance.


Result: Emotion: Joy, +1 Music Theory


Exit 4: Intimidation


They are children right? Well here comes the big scary monster.




A rule of the bully is to start with the weakest one. Might explain why people choose to bully you.


To your right you see a gremlin sticking chair legs, pieces of table tops, torn homework and apparently someone's lunch together into a model of Legate Orso Orsi, using the lettuce as a moustache really helps.


Taking two strides over, you deftly stomp down on the model. And to add insult to injury you grind your foot deeper into the pile and stick your tongue out at the gremlin. Next you threaten the gremlin saying that you will do that to him (her? There are ribbons on the head) if they don't leave NOW.


Unfortunately the gremlin got very mad very quickly and attacks you (Yes, it is a girl, when you hear her roar).


When you finally regain consciousness, you find yourself in the same embarrassing situation Philippe is.


When Professor Pachait finally deals with the situation, everybody has to write an essay on "What Not to Do When Dealing with Children, Humans or Otherwise." Worse of all is that you have to share a large cloak with Philippe while going back to your dorm for clothes.


It was not comfortable.


Result: -1 Vitality, +1 Stress, +1 Acting




Giving the elder gremlin a wink, you rush to the middle of the room and take a deep breath before shouting "Enough!"


All heads turn to you and the noises slowly subsides. Then you begin your tirade.


Looking into the eyes of each gremlin as you pass them you shouted with absolute fury. Breaking furniture? Disrupting a classroom? Childs-play! (Terrible choice of word) You call that art?! It looks like somebody's mouldy lunch or even an explosion on a plate! Making the animals go wild in the class?! Pl-lease, Kurt Henning could do worse! Putting icky things down somebody's clothes?! Worse idea ever! Should have taken an entire pouch of itchweed powder and dump it all over their body after their bath and throw them out into the hallway!


And on and on you went until the young gremlins start to cry and crowd around the elder gremlin, begging to go home. As he ushers the young ones out of the room Professor Pachait just unlocked, the elder gremlin gives you an appreciative nod.


After everyone settles down the professor has everyone write an essay entitled "Why You Should Never Panic during an Attack." Nobody complaints as everyone tries to write the essay without making too much noise, as they are too afraid of making you angry, especially those who have played pranks on you before. Especially Philippe, who is sitting in his seat with large cloak around his waist, keeping his head down.




Result: +1 Confidence, +1 Acting, Increase Chance of Success temporarily


Exit 5: Engineering


Hey kids! Let's do something with all that debris.




Dodging the many flying objects in the classroom, you make your way over to the gremlin making a small statue. After introducing yourself you offer to help the gremlin (Cream) with the statue.


Cream looks sceptical at first but after seeing you transform her little statue into a bust of Professor Aventyrare (complete with sparkles shooting out) she is immediately convinced that you have talent and begs (threatens) you to teach her.


You agree to her request if she could get all the other gremlin kids to stop torturing everyone. She agrees and proceeds to shout at the top of her lungs for all the others to stop and carry the debris out onto the fields for you to teach with.


When all of the gremlins and you are out on the fields, Cream shows you her plan to make a wonderful sculpture ofthe elder gremlin (Lanius) crushing the Academagia. You suggest a statue of Lanius looking stately instead.


With some meticulous planning and construction, a pinch of revision and enchantment, some more destruction of school property, lots of cuts and splinters, and a bit of punching by Cream, the statue of Lanius towering over the faculty of the academy is complete. You have to say, the gremlins have vision.


Result:-1 Vitality, +1 Art Appreciation




After dodging multiple flying projectiles, you made your way to a gremlin making a crude model of the Dimmae Theater, you think.


After introducing yourself and learning her name (Cream), you offer to teach her on how to make beautiful works of art using…well whatever is lying around through careful planning and construction.Cream looks at you sceptically unless you prove her other wise. You accept the challenge.


Cream shouts for all the gremlins to stop and carry the debris out onto the fields for your test. Her test is for you to make a statue of the Legate and has provided you with some impressive tools. You realize that you might not be that good as some of these tools are complete mysteries to you. No matter, just don't use them. Then you notice that these materials are broken chairs and tables, you can't carve anything out of them!


All the gremlins laugh at your bogus claim of being a master of the arts, even after you deny it, and glue the bottom of your robes to the ground. After the gremlins had a good laugh andleft, Professor Pachait negates the glue and brings you back to your room with some calm and reassuring words as many students laugh at your predicament.


Result:+2 Stress


And The End.

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Gremlins are closely associated with aircraft (which Engineering probably touch upon), especially about sabotaging aircraft.


And, helpfully, the setting of Academagia allows for extensive airship knowledge for characters with high Engineering.


I only thought of a somewhat crazy way though.


Cordelia! Make a tiny functional airship and send it flying out the window!




Crude art


Beat them at their own game. Sabotage their crude, mechanical art like a real gremlin :o

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