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Rhetoric - Passion SS


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Basically, yeah.


Arithmetic, Botany, Glamour, Grammar, Incantation, Negation, Revision teach all their skills in class (though for some skills, you're unlikely to get to 10- especially Arithmetic with it's high multiplier).


Astrology gives you two skill ups for Comets, but otherwise leaves that for the player. Rhetoric gives you one Passion, but leaves the rest to the player.


Athletics doesn't teach Archery. Calligraphy doesn't teach Bookbinding or Forgery. Dialectic doesn't teach Sleuthing. Enchant doesn't teach Magical Appraisal. Geometry doesn't teach Astronomy. History just teaches the Calamites, the Early Empire, the History of Magic, and the Middle Empire (making it the class where you can get the highest score without casting any spells or using any Increases by far). Music only teaches Famous Songs, Notation, and Voice (...though I really thought there were a few Lute lessons there, huh). Zoology just does Birds, Insects, and Mammals.

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