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What is "Extra Credit"?


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This action, the name of which I do not remember, will give you three credits in a class you choose. So three such actions would get you +9 on the test score.


Note however that three actions spent working on three sub-skills for that class will boost the parent skill by one, which will result in +10 on the test score. Not only that, but those will be permanent improvements to the skills, not just a temporary boost to an exam result. If those actions were put into one of the libraries or the Sphinx, they would also net six to nine other skill boosts.


In short this action giving +3 credits is a waste of space in the game. It should be closer to +10 on the test score given that it only boosts the score, not the actual skill, and the character looses both the opportunity of the actual skill as well as those other skill boosts.

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This actions are only interesting if you whant to get some extra beyond the maxed skills. I.e. its not as time consuming then put the research of 3 SS to 10 and then train them up to 11.

But then its probably sill less time consumung to spend 1 time slot to buff the Skill via magic bevore the exam except maybe the extra credit carry over to the next years.

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