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Deleting Program Data/Academagia/Cache


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Whew. Finally managed to load up the forum without getting a blank page.


Anyway, is it safe to delete the caches? My C:/ is rather small, and I never knew there was a cache on the C:/ even when I installed it all the way over at D:/, and the 1.4GB cache is rather shocking compared to my 200MB of saved games.


I have to... mess with my computer a bit for school stuff (which requires more space) and I am wondering can I get rid of the cache without problems.



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My suggestion: delete only after you've finished all games, and are starting a new one. If I delete my cache while in the middle of a game, if it's the latest DLC, the game still works, but games saved on earlier DLC's don't.


(Though they load for others, from what I've experienced, so I'm just unlucky. Boo.)

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