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Changing Familiars


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I've managed to get the Exchange Familiar ability by raising Zoology to 11. But when I trigger it trying to save scum my way to the faux dragon I seem to hit a limited selection of familiars all the time (muffler, shade, lizard, plant, goldfish and one or two others rarely).


Is there anything driving this other than pure probability? Pre-reqs to get particular types of familiar? A random selection table that is biased towards some types of familiars over others?

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I took a look at the mod tools -


On a successful roll of Zoology, it removes your familiar and then open the [Reference Table]Reference/Exotic Familiars (Reference) to pick a Add (Exotic Familiar Name) randomly.


The table itself is the same one used in Character Creation for the background with 21 familiars each occupying one slot, so... yeah, the chance should be equal, or at least intended by the devs to be equal. In any case, there is certainly no prerequisite for these familiars, nor is it biased.

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Have anyone manged to max Bond with the first Familiar then use Gift of the Familiar and afterward get a new one with Exchange Familiar? (I doubt its to interesting to do from the time one have to train his Familiar)


Gift of Familiar have a permanent "Bereft" effect to stop you from getting another familiar if I am not mistaken.


Yep, found it.



Your Familiar is gone. You're now stronger, faster, maybe even smarter than you were when you weren't alone, but there's a wound where your Bond used to be, and it's not healing quickly.


You may never have another Familiar again.

Prevent Familiar

[Prevent]Prevent/Familiar/Character/Self/Familiar (Default)

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