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Shared Game-Wide Stats


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I had an idea for a mod and I'm not sure one key element is possible. The game would need to track new stats that applied to the entire game.


Imagine for the moment that one of the buildings in the game collapsed, prompting a rebuilding effort. (Perhaps the faculty was divided on whether the building should be rebuilt or not, so the internal division prevented academy funds from being used for the purpose.) Some of the students would care and invest time into it. Some of them would not care and would ignore it. Whether the PC cared would be up to the player. While the building was collapsed, nobody would be able to use it except to contribute in some way to the rebuilding effort. Once it was rebuilt, anyone could use it for its original purposes again. Since the building reconstruction affects everyone (sort of), the process of the building reconstruction would need to be a global stat.


Is that possible?


This isn't the only kind of shared stat I'm thinking about either, but I think that if this example is possible the others should be too.

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You could do this through a complex use of Memory Flags and Prerequisites, definitely.


That, in one swoop, makes it sound like the entire mod project is possible. No guarantees it's a good idea. I'll have to spend a while gawping at the mod tools to be sure on both counts.

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