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One-college cliques


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Since there're rumors circulating about bad things that might happen to cliques with student from different colleges in Y2, I've been trying to figure out which college is well-rounded for general quests.


So far I tried Morvidus, Aranaz, Avila and Vernin, with 6+ members per clique.


Morvidus in general lacks expertise in math, enchantment and calligraphy, plus it's quite poor for manipulation and sneaking.


Vernin is good all around but lacks a bit in Zoology, and rather bad in intimidation and brute force.


Aranaz is quite OK but lacks in athletics (Vrenelle Bonvin is an exception), plus too many chars give penalties to skills.


Avila is probably the best rounded college but it got severe lack of male students.


Godina is rather straight-forward and not that good in sneaking or astrology.


Can't say much on Hedi and Durand, since haven't played these in one-college settings.



I think my favorite so far is Avila. Girls there got tons of interesting and very different skills and quests, and two lone boys are very handy. Plus, thanks to Emilia P, a clique can easily grow to 8+ members. Hard to get one year into a clique, but almost doable :) . Although I must admit that both Godina and Vernin is cool as well. My least favorite college is Morvidus, where almost everyone is crazy about animals and quests are very similar.


P.S. Still, a clique of Avila and Durand or Aranaz students is better :)

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I once managed to get every member of Avila in to one clique. I called them Avila Angels or something incredibly dumb, and they were awesome. They're my second favorite to do one collage-cliques in, too. Some very helpful perks, those kids have, and the fact that I'm always fond of Avila helps.


Vernin will have some of the Zoology and brute force it needs if Louise gets accepted in to the game. I find she adds the proper amount of threatening bulliness to the usually good-natured Vernin crew.


Aranaz is my favorite, because Aranaz is my favorite collage and thus the Aranaz kids are generally my favorite group of brats. I find they do pretty well as clique, though yeah, you do sort of need Vrenelle to cover Athletics if your character doesn't take it.


I've tried Durand and Godina, and was able to pull them off fine. Durand kids have an advantage of having a whole ton of different quests- almost every Durand kid quest is different and unique in its own special way.


Morvidus, as you said, sort of gets to me because by the end you're like 'Okay, what animal do I need to care about today?'. It's all about the animals. Allll about the animals.


I haven't tried Hedi, either.


I like mixed collage groups, though I've been trying to avoid putting rival collages in groups. Like going Aranaz, Morvidus, and Avila (or Aranaz, Vernin, and Godina), with Hedi rounding it out. That way, there shouldn't be a problem with collage rivalries in later years, as none of those collages are rivals.


I really want to make the Sneaky Brats, a clique with Aymeri and Lambert in it together. CURSE YOU COBO- I mean, it would be awesome. I'd make them BFF's through hefty rounds of gossip, and force them to play nice together and help me take over the world one spy at a time. I imagine in year two and three when collage rivalries come more in to play, that clique will fall to pieces, though.

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