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I downloaded ModTools last week to help me understand the game better and to see which adventures would be best. The Wikia lacks a lot of information, not just on Adventures but on some of the basics as well. And searching for something is just too confusing. I don't always remember what the Parent skill of a Subskill I'm looking for is and when I search for it on Wikia, the parent skill page doesn't show up. Plus, the Subskill pages (Expand, Item, etc) which show up first in the search results, don't always link back to the Subskill/Parent Skill page :wacko: I've started adding more redirects for the Subskill page so I can find things easier that way (although why there is both that page AND the Alphabetical List of Skills page, I don't know (plus why isn't it just called Skill List so it's under the S's?)).


Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to adding more links to these deeply nested pages, but I have started on Adventures. I don't like playing adventures over and over so I prefer knowing what option gives what bonus the first time around. But there was no way I was going to start adding adventures to Wikia without some sort of template! I thought an Infobox would be the best way for those who want some basic information to view without reading all the options.


You can view the template here. The documentation is long but I didn't want any confusion. Please let me know if you think something should or shouldn't be in the Infobox. I wasn't sure about Roll Levels but some Adventures have much higher roll levels than others and I thought people who didn't want to get spoiled with the options would like an idea of difficulty. I was also unsure about Automatic and Possible Benefits. I thought non-option people would like to know the definite benefits to playing the whole adventure. I could combine both as Benefits if many think that would be better, or I could just list the Automatic benefits. I'm pretty sure every adventure has at least 1 automatic benefit if you play it all the way through. I've already found that there are just too many of both types to list unless the adventure is super duper short, so I've been adding just the big/best ones (like an attribute expansion).


So using this template and stealing the format others have used already, I've added four new Adventures this week. I started with a couple super-short and then I added 2 more from the recommendations Lira gave here. You can get an idea of the look from the last one I wrote, The Much-Rumored Tower.


I probably won't get to writing anymore until next week and I don't really have an order on which adventure I will do next. I might go back to the A's or I might go back to Lira's post and do Cloud Skies which I have played and Pop Quiz which I haven't.


So other than suggestions on the format or content of the Template or the Adventures themselves (and please do suggest), do you have any requests on what Adventure(s) you'd like to see?


Btw, I don't know if it's obvious but the black line (---- Wikitext) indicates a Pause or New Step in an Adventure. So Carnage doesn't have one because you can finish the adventure in one day/time slot but The Much-Rumored Tower has 2 lines as there will be 2 breaks in the adventure where you'll have to come back (so it takes 3 days to finish). These pauses are unrelated to the "Pause Adventure" I've placed next to some failures where you'll have to come back and try again like on Across the Fields. Some failures, of course, End the Adventure and I have noted those too but the Pause Adventure lets you come back and try again. Sometimes you have to redo the same option, sometimes you have to go back several options earlier, and I have not noted this on Wikia because I didn't think it mattered all that much...


Please tell me the black line's meaning is obvious and I just made this post longer for nothing!


Also, I haven't looked much at the other stuff on ModTools because it seems Wikia has Skills and Items pretty covered, but is there anything else that you'd like to see worked on? I probably won't get to it for awhile as there are a lot of Adventures but I might get bored of them (the coding, not the playing). It would be easy to turn to the rest of the site and do major organizing but I don't know what are the most important things to everyone plus some things are already sort of organized, just not in ways I agree with and I don't want to upset Draigh or anyone ;)


So thoughts, suggestions, and requests?

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I wouldn't call the ModTool easy. Adventures aren't listed with the same name and good luck finding a random event you've come across. I've used the ModTool for going through a couple Adventures but it's so much easier to see all the options, benefits, and especially the duration on one page. I suspect I'm not the only one who doesn't want to click tabs and boxes 60+ times ;) Plus I know some people don't have or want the ModTool. Thanks for the info though :)

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I'd add something that signifies a new stage of the adventure, e.g. in Carnage on the fields. Sometimes there are options that don't advance the the adventure, like Awareness, rather they make the rolls for the current adventure stage easier.

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I wrote Carnage before Tower when I was still trying to understand when the Success and Failure Continuances meant pause, end, and continue. So I'll probably go back and add a couple "End Adventure" and "Select another option" bits where needed. Like on Carnage's Off and Away step, the first option doesn't advance the adventure but let's you select another option. On the Branch and Bolt section of Tower only 1 of 6 options moves you forward, 1 pauses it, and the other 4 increase or decrease Chance of Success or Tactics as opposed to expanding. Do you think adding "Select another option" works for what you're referring to or am I entirely missing your point? Also, each header on the Wiki page has it's own "page" in the game, and only some become an entirely new step/stage you have to select from the Adventure list at a future time (hence the thin black line, maybe I should double it or write New Day). Carnage is one of those adventures you can or rather have to finish in one play as it doesn't have any "pause adventure" options. So if you fail there are no repeats. Tower on the other hand lets you try again and again.



Thanks for the support, I really need that luck! I do read manga but I've never read Ushio and Tora. It has more to do with my love of tigers and I liked the sound of it over other translations. Plus my name starts with a T. I used to go by Twilight over a decade ago so it was a good thing I switched :P



That is a great suggestion! That is exactly the kind of thing I need to know, thank you :D

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This is a little late, but thanks for posting this topic. I only just noticed it. I've been thinking I need motivation to do wiki writeups for the adventures. I really do find it easier to search the wiki than the modtools with adventures, and much of what is written isn't very clearly formatted.


Clear write-ups also help with comprehending the mod tools. You can look up the wiki description of the adventure (with details for which events pause, continue-same, or continue-next, or assist) and then refer back to the mod tools to learn how the mod tools represent the same things.

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